/ Klima & Ressourcen

Climate + Resources

We have set ourselves goals in the BÜFA Group and in the individual business areas to protect the climate, the environment and resources. Whether replacing the lights, creating green spaces or optimizing process steps - we take a comprehensive look at the topic of sustainability and drive numerous measures forward


Thanks to the new LED technology in the high-bay warehouse of the new building at the Hude-Altmoorhausen location, we can save not only costs but also significant CO₂ emissions compared to the previous lighting system in the existing building - over a period of ten years, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by half.

In the transport sector, we also save emissions by attaching importance to low-emission engines in new trucks.


Relatively large quantities of fresh water are required for BÜFA Cleaning, as the mixing tanks and filling systems must be thoroughly rinsed with water after each production batch. This water is collected, treated and then released as wastewater.

We initiated the “Cleaning Future Flow” project with the aim of significantly reducing the amount of water and thus protecting this natural resource. In the BÜFA cleaning systems laboratory, we check which products can be manufactured one after the other without the need for water rinsing and without any noticeable quality impairment of the products.

The first results from 2019 will be implemented in 2020. Production days should be planned in such a way that products of the same type can be manufactured without an intermediate flush. The only rinse then takes place at the end of the working day. As a result, we expect a significant reduction in the water requirement for flushing purposes.

Lean und Projektmanagement


In the composites business area, our customers receive tailor-made reaction resin specialties and complete solutions. The portfolio is very extensive due to the large number of individual products and comprehensive offers for a wide variety of industries. The challenge in everyday production is to manufacture batches as large as possible while keeping the number of corrections as low as possible.

For this reason, the production area considers the batch sizes and the number of corrections to be important improvement indicators. Both key figures are evaluated, analyzed and optimized piece by piece through improvement measures on a monthly basis. In 2019, we were able to increase the average batch size by around 15 percent and at the same time reduce the average number of corrections by 8.5 percent.

In the area of medium-sized production, too, BÜFA Composite Systems has reorganized all machines to optimize the flow of goods. The extraction points on the machines were redesigned so that the emissions released there can be better and more specifically directed to the thermal post-combustion system. This optimization in the process exhaust air means that fewer emissions are released. The same applies to the dusty exhaust air.

In addition, we have replaced the linear luminaires with new, energy-saving and more efficient LED luminaires in the production area. In technical discussions with a manufacturer of explosion-proof lights, we jointly developed a model for emergency exit lights that also uses energy-saving LED lights.

The topic of e-mobility also plays a major role for us on the way to a climate-neutral future. Several electric charging stations will be successively installed at the site and the pool vehicles will be converted.