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We act today for tomorrow - BÜFA becomes climate neutral

One element of sustainability is the now widespread social demand for climate neutrality in manufacturing, transport and the products themselves. Company actions and processes must not cause greenhouse emissions or must be compensated by suitable measures. For this reason, BÜFA will take decisive steps to continue to take a pioneering role in environmental friendliness. That is why we are pursuing six strategic approaches against a background of growing challenges posed by climate change:

- Determine corporate carbon footprint (CCF) (controlling, action plans)

- Increase energy efficiency (electricity, heating, transport)

- Reduce CO₂ pollution (waste reduction, packaging, recycling)

- Calculate Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) (transform renewable raw materials supply chain)

- Compensate for CO₂ (afforestation, watering bogs, supporting climate protection projects, promoting regenerative energy generation)

- Communicate commitment

Since 2018, BÜFA has been measuring and calculating the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) in accordance with the United Nations Kyoto Protocol of December 11, 1997. To this end, all emissions from our own processes and production as well as from our transport logistics are taken into account.

In the BÜFA Group, we want to make these emissions in our direct sphere of influence climate-neutral by 2021. In concrete terms, this means that we will use various measures to reduce and offset our annual CO₂ emissions of around 2,656 tons in our three business areas in the short term.