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Work + Future

We encourage our staff to bring their personality and ideas into the company. Satisfied staff are more productive, which has a positive result on the profitability and innovation capability of our company.

From the inside out - lean management at BÜFA

We have been following the inner attitude (= mindset) of lean management since 2016. The aim of lean management is, among other things, independent and trouble-free work. All employees should be able to work efficiently and with pleasure, errors should be viewed impartially and the cause eliminated. The “Kaizen” idea, ie the continuous “change for the better”, should be anchored in the organization and everyday work as a matter of course. Starting with the managing directors, we train our managers in such a way that, as coaches, they enable their employees to work more independently than before. New employees are also introduced to the topic through short training sessions and ideally won over to the lean way of thinking and working right from the start.

Beruf und Leben im Einklang

Harmonising work and private life

It is important to us that all staff can work in accordance with their needs. And that they receive support if their personal circumstances change. Alongside our company pension scheme, we have recently launched an occupational disability insurance.

Our staff with small children know that their darlings are safely looked after in our daily nursery. In addition our staff can work part-time in a number of different working time models, including working from home. Alongside 30 days holiday, parents of school-age children can under certain conditions take up to five extra days of holiday. We offer a free information service for staff who have to look after and care for family members. They also have the option of being released from work for two months with continued payment of a set amount.

Ready for the future – we embrace demography

BÜFA is actively shaping the working world of tomorrow – which is why our Oldenburg-based chemical company has long implemented a sustainable HR policy for all employees together with the Works Council, which comprises numerous measures. This is how BÜFA intends to position itself demographically, especially in times of digital change.

For this purpose, in 2019, BÜFA was once again recognized with the awarding of the government’s certificate entitled “Demographiefest. Sozialpartnerschaftlicher Betrieb”, presented by the lower saxon Minister for Economic Affairs, Bernd Althusmann. In addition to BÜFA, a total of 28 other companies and institutions from Lower Saxony were honoured.

We received the award for the first time in 2017 and have now successfully passed the two-year recertification process. For example, BÜFA has expanded its “Lean and Shop Floor Management” approach, in order to improve both internal communication and the company culture. In addition, the company’s preventative health program has been expanded by evaluating and introducing new activities. The topics of employee management and health have also become more closely linked.

Taking care of the most important good in life: health

Company health management at BÜFA has become a success factor. The BÜFA Group offers both situational and behavioral preventive health services. In addition, there are various joint activities, from running and sports badges to various bike tours.

In 2019 we started our company-wide health offensive for all trainees with a kick-off event. With the initiative, we want to lay the foundations for a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and, above all, mental health at an early stage. For the future this means: one workshop per year of training on the topics of diet, exercise and stress management. We want to use this to draw our trainees' awareness of their own health at an early stage. Because health is the most important good - at all times!