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Feed Industry Specialities

Today there are numerous possibilities for promoting the health of animals with special feed additives and feed supplements. We are the exclusive sales partner in Germany for Perstorp products to acidify drinking water, preserve feed grain and for liquid feeding.

Perstorp Feed & Food has been active all over the world for more than 50 years and is specialised in acid-based solutions. Perstorp develops and produces a wide range of solutions to protect feed and drinking water for animals. Their proved formulas set a high benchmark for animal health and grain preservation.

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Acidification of drinking water

The quality of drinking water for animals is often questionable. Bacterial contamination of drinking water can have a negative influence on the health of animals. Organic acids are a well-known agent for reducing bacteria levels in drinking water. A highly concentrated and safely buffered mixture of organic acids form the basis for the ProPhorce drinking water solutions. The addition of essential oils and glycerine ester produces products that exceed your expectations.

ProductPigPoultryWater pipeline cleaningAntibacterialGut health
ProPhorce™ Classic

"The best choice for regular acidification of drinking water"
ProPhorce™ Premium

"The preferred choice for operations with higher pathogen levels"
ProPhorce™ Excellent

"Effective throughout the entire intestinal tract"
ProPhorce™ Exclusive

"Especially for poultry and effective throughout the entire intestinal tract"

The ProPhorce drinking water solutions offer you countless advantages, some of which are named in the following.

  • Easy dosing
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial infection through the water supply
  • Flexible use

Further information is found in our flyer on Drinking Water Products.

Grain preservation

Moulds and yeasts reduce the nutritional value of grain and increase the risk of mycotoxin formation during storage. These losses can be limited by using the proved mould inhibitors in the ProSid MI series.

ProSid TM MI701 is not a hazardous good and thus easier to handle than pure propionic acid. By using propionic acid glycol ester, the propionic acid remains in the grain longer which is the reason why ProSid TM MI701 provides the best possible protection for the entire duration of storage.

ProSid TM MI531 was especially developed for the ensiling process. It combines the advantages of formic acid and propionic acid in one product which preserves nutritional value and inhibits the growth of mould.

Liquid feeding

Acidifiers reduce bacteria levels as well as the pH-value in the stomach of agricultural animals. It has been shown time and again that this improves the health of the animals and increases their productivity. Formic acid is the most often used organic acid for acidification of feed and drinking water. ProPhorce AC600 contains formic acid buffered with sodium formate and is used to improve feed and drinking water hygiene without endangering your equipment. ProPhorce AC600 has a strong anti-microbial effect against harmful bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Staphylococci.

ProPhorce AC 600 has the following advantages:

  • Just as effective as formic acid
  • Clearly less dangerous for humans and machines that pure formic acid
  • No dangerous goods restrictions for transport and storage
  • Reduction of gas release, corrosion and pungent odour compared to pure formic acid