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Case Studies

BÜFA®-SWIM NPG Gel- and Topcoats offer excellent properties for pool construction.

Europool Kachel

The company Europool based in Poland (Mogilno) produces GFK swimming pools and offers an allround service to customers throughout Europe, from manufacturing the pool to assembly, installation, accessories and fast customer service.

Their pool production includes different versions. From garden pools which have been available for purchased in DIY stores since early 2018, all the way to customized, more labour-intensive luxury solutions.

Europool and BÜFA have a long term business relationship. The company uses BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoat in a variety of colours for the highest finish quality of the pool. These gelcoats are processed in using the spray-application technology. Furthermore, Europool uses BÜFA®-Resin VE in the hand lay-up and spray lay-up processes.

“For many years now, we have been relying on the use of BÜFA products to allow us to offer our customers professional products with superlative maufacturing quality. The high quality standards of the BÜFA processing materials as well as intensive onsite support are a guarantee for good collaboration”, says Krzysztof Rakowski (director of Europool) “Besides, pools made of fibreglass-reinforced plastics, whose production and assembly is much less time-consuming and expensive than reinforced concrete swimming pools are readily customized with excellent results.” 

BÜFA delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products connected with pool construction globally and can offer you a wide selection of individual production possibilities. Also, as a system supplier, BÜFA also supplies the matching adhesive resins and appropriate machine technology) for optimal processability.”

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoats and Topcoat

BÜFA delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products connected with pool construction globally and can offer you a wide selection of individual production possibilities.

Pool construction

Product advantages of the BÜFA®-Swim-NPG

  • Guaranteed qualities: Based on ISO/NPG
  • Outstanding resistance to hydrolysis, chlorine and osmosis
  • High resistance to UV and weathering (colour stability)
  • Individual colouring according to the AVK Chlortest method, tested and authorized (colour stability is guaranteed)

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoat combined with a special laminate structure, allows for long-term use at raised water temperatures (up to 35°C).

We offer the appropriate machine technology for your optimal processability.

The build-up for optimal surface

1. Gelcoat

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG (Art.-Nr. 752-colour) with superlative osmosis resistance.

Recommended processing temperature: maximum 35°C.

2. Barriercoat or first layer resin


BÜFA®-VE-Barriercoat-SV,  beige, spray quality (Art.-No. 722-1966).

Used as an additional gelcoat layer, BÜFA®-Barriercoat - based on vinyl ester resin - improves the surface quality and resistance to osmosis.

Laminate first layer resin

BÜFA®-Resin VE 0910 (Art.-No. 700-0910), pre-accelerated, thixotropic resin with standard MEKP curing.

3. Completion of laminate

SYNOLITE 8388-P-1 (Art.-No. 770-8388) for build-up and completion of the laminate behind the “first layer resin”.

For an optimum surface quality and better Osmosis behavior, we recommend the application of a Barriercoat or a First Layer Resin between gelcoat and the laminate.

BÜFA®-Barriercoat is suitable for applications such as swimming pools, boat building, vehicle parts and GFK moulds.

Take advantage of the improved surface quality which can be achieved with BÜFA®-Barriercoat

  • Improvement in surface quality
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low-shrinkage curing performance
  • No fibre print
  • High osmosis resistance
  • Time-saving due to replacing the first laminate layer
  • Hand or spray processing
Swimming Pool

The BÜFA®-Swim-NPG product range is especially suitable for the requirements of swimming pools with regard to long-term chemical, thermal and hydrolytic loads.

Here you can see the application possibilities of the BÜFA complete program for processors of composite materials.

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