Produkte Conductive Line

BÜFA®-Conductive Line

With the products of the BÜFA®-Conductive Line  we developed new possibilities for applications with reduced electrical resistance requirements.

BÜFA®-Conductive Line is the new generation of conductive Gelcoats in the BÜFA-Portfolio.

Compared to conventional materials on a carbon black, graphite or carbon fibre base, the quantity used is less by a factor of 300. With this new technology, resistances in a range from 103 to 109 Ohm are variably adjustable.

This results in the following new possibilities and advantages:

Visual appearance

New are shades of colour not possible before, all the way to translucent gelcoat formulations, can now be formulated. These new formulations cannot be distinguished visually from regular, non-conductive materials. Due to the small quantities of single-wall CNTs required, high gloss components can be produced.


Processing properties remain the same which allows normal processing equipment to be used. Viscosity values also remain at normal levels . This guarantees clearly better de-airing compared to conventional materials.  Because of the lower, reduced quantity of pigments used, curing behaviour is no longer negatively influenced.

High Process Reliability

Conductivity values can be repeatedly achieved from one component to the next. The fine distribution of the nanotubes in the gelcoat guarantee consistently uniform conductivity values.


  • Constant electrical conductivity, adjusable from  103 to 109 Ohm
  • Electrical heating
  • Available in a wide range of colours or translucent
  • Anti-static
  • Process optimization
  • Low Concentration of functional additives
  • Low viscosity

Presentation by Elmar Greiff at OCSiAl-NanoSummit

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