Philosophie Blume

Our principles

As a family undertaking with a long tradition, we do not think in terms of quarterly results, but instead in generations. We act on the basis of what is good for the company in the long term. And we have been doing this for more than 130 years now.

Despite this, we know that the only constant in life is change. As an independent, medium-sized family enterprise we respond innovatively, quickly and flexibly – to our customers’ requirements and to changing markets as well as to ecological challenges.

We assume responsibility for our company and for society. Here it is important to deploy and foster the specific commitment, knowledge and experience of our staff. That is the very reason why we are successful even in times of upheaval. This basic attitude of ours is reflected throughout the entire Group, just as the corporate principles developed and signed jointly with our staff in 1997 are maintained and guide our every action.