Fachkraft Lagerlogistik

Business people for international business activities

With this additional qualification you can improve your chances on the job market by a substantial one, just like the career advancement chances. The newly acquired special knowledge about international business processes opens up new fields of activity and at the same time saves a lot of time, because the qualification is already completed during the training.

The following areas must be covered in the course of the AQ:

  • Participation in the preparation course and completion of the three module tests of the IHK training course IHK Specialist Import and Export
  • Communication and correspondence in English with KMK certificate or BEC certificate (min. level B1)
  • Communication and correspondence in a second foreign language, e.g. Spanish, Russian, Dutch or French with e.g. DELE certificate (min. level A1)
  • Internship abroad, minimum duration 3 weeks

The following topics are included in the modules of the IHK:

Module I: International Business Practice

  • Motives and aims of foreign trade
  • Sources of information for a market assessment of foreign trade
  • Market assessment criteria
  • Customer search abroad
  • Forms of presence in foreign markets
  • Advantages and disadvantages of sales channels abroad
  • Legal foundations of international business
  • UN sales law
  • Feasibility studies of foreign transactions
  • Export calculations
  • Operational processing of foreign business

Module II: International Marketing 

  • Basics of international marketing
  • Basic Strategies for Internationalization
  • Necessary operational requirements
  • Intercultural Acting
  • Information procurement in the import and export business
  • Product, price, distribution and communication analysis for imports and exports

Module III: Import and export procedures for goods and services 

  • customs legislation
  • foreign trade law
  • Prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of goods
  • Customs provisions for goods covered by the Customs Code
  • Transfer of goods into customs and fiscal circulation
  • Processing of import transactions
  • Calculation of import duties
  • Placing of goods under the export procedure
  • export transaction processing


The additional offer starts every school year with the beginning of the 2nd school semester (beginning of February). Classes take place on Wednesdays from 17:30 to 20:30 and last 12 months.