Karriere & Leben

Career & Life

Our central pledge as employer

We develop and market innovative chemical products. Solving the challenges posed by our customers is something we do with enthusiasm, passion and fun.

We hold those who put their heart into their work in high regard and give them the freedom to work independently and flexibly with self-determination. The success of this approach is reflected in the trusting and friendly way we treat each other.

As a future-oriented company, we guarantee our staff all the benefits offered by a modern and reliable employer.

Beruf und Familie

Reconciliation of career and family

We can only be successful together! This claim has driven us to allow employees to reconcile job and family through highly varied, family-friendly measures. Reconciliation can mean many things. Whether searching for day care for children, a flexible working hour model is needed or care for a family member must be organised – we help our employees!

Our BÜFA Minis

We have been offering a comprehensive day care centre for children for many years now. Every day our employees’ children from the age of 6 months until they go to kindergarten are taken care of here. From 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. these children are cared for by qualified nursery school teachers so that their parents can carry out their work without any worries.


Care of family members

What can you do when a family member needs long-term nursing care? To ensure that our employees are well informed on the subject of nursing care, we have concluded a cooperation with AWO-Senior-Service. AWO gives comprehensive advice to our employees and makes recommendations for further measures.

BÜFA Care Fund

Another family-friendly measure we offer is our BÜFA Care Fund. In the event that our employees need to care for close relatives and all other possibilities provided by law have been exhausted, employees can apply for BÜFA Caregiver Leave. Under a company agreement, we have created a rule that allows paid leave for up to two months.


What else?

We have set up various information and communication circles, for example the Work Life Club and regular get-togethers for parents on maternity or child leave. When creating working hour models, our employees and their superiors are extremely creative, making practically anything possible.


Our own model for company pensions

We accord high value to a safe workplace in our corporate philosophy. The same applies for the transition to a secure retirement.

BÜFA offers its staff their own company pension scheme that allows them to supplement the state pension scheme with attractive modules by means of tax free salary conversions and social security contributions.

Through voluntary contributions by BÜFA – supplemented by additional payments based on collective wage agreements – an instrument earning lucrative interest has been created that allows all "Büfians" to structure their old age pension individually.


Health Management

We systematically promote the holistic maintenance of the health of our employees. On the one hand, we provide managers with further training on the subject and constantly optimize our workplaces and processes. On the other hand, we also offer a wide range of health measures to prevent both relationships and behaviour.

For example, we participate in Hansefit's company fitness program. Around 180 of our employees keep fit in the participating fitness studios, swimming pools and other sports facilities. Those who still have problems with their back can also benefit from our physiotherapy offers. We also participate in various regional running events, such as the Everstener Brunnenlauf or the Oldenburg Marathon.

In addition, our employees have the opportunity to lease an (electric) bike at a reasonable price via BÜFA.

Wir kochen

We cook!

From April to October there are also possibilities to train for sport badges and we also offer cooking classes for young and old. Since 2016 our employees can also lease a bike or e-bike through BÜFA on very favourable terms.

Not only our continuously lower number of days lost due to illness but also the distinction of being honoured with the Corporate Health Award in recognition of our commitment to a healthier lifestyle confirm that BÜFA’s extensive company health management policy sustainably improves the well-being of its employees.

Additional highlights for trainees

Kennenlern Wochenende

Getting Acquainted Weekend

Before vocational training begins, BÜFA holds a getting acquainted weekend at which apprentices can get to know BÜFA and the other new apprentices better. Along with several presentations giving information about the company and the vocational training offered, there are also joint activities such as games. The day ends  with an evening meal together.

Finanzielle Unterstützung

Financial Support

BÜFA takes over the costs for school books and provides support when staying abroad. If there are problems in school, BÜFA is always willing to help with tutoring. 

Fachkraft Lagerlogistik

Additional qualifications

With an additional qualification you can increase your chances for professional advancement enormously. The newly acquired specialist knowledge opens up new fields of activity and at the same time saves a great deal of time, because the qualification is already completed during the training.

We support the additional qualifications offered by BBS Haarentor and BBS Wechloy:

Uni Labor


Chemical Laboratory Technicians are supported right from the beginning of their training  through instruction at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg. Any unanswered questions from vocational school can be clarified here and theoretical knowledge broadened. During the course of this practical training, they also learn preparative and analytic working methods which provides the best possible preparation for practical examinations.

Jubi Juist

Jubi Juist

Apprentices are sent to the East Frisian island Juist for 14 days. The schedule here alternates between project work, flying lessons, recreational activities and an evening event that the apprentices organise themselves.

Do you want to know more?


Network of Companies

In order to be able to provide all aspects of vocational training, BÜFA cooperates with a wide network of companies in this region. For example, a part of the Mechatronics Technician training takes place at Brötje Automation in Loy or at CEWE Stiftung in Osternburg. The Chemical Technicians are prepared for their examinations in BASF’s technical centre.

We have a very special connection with PLIXXENT which, until a few years ago, was a BÜFA company before it was sold to Bayer AG in 2015 and renamed Covestro, before it became PLIXXENT. In spite of all the changes in ownership and name, the colleagues at PLIXXENT Oldenburg are still served by BÜFA’s personnel management in all personnel matters – not only in payroll accounting but also in training. So if you apply to BÜFA, you might begin your training on August 1st at PLIXXENT.


Editorial Work for the Employee Newsletter

‘WIR! BÜFA’ is the name of our employee newsletter that is published three times a year. The motto here is created by employees for employees. To make sure that our apprentices are also included and all other employees are kept up to date on the various issues involved in vocational training, there’s an apprentice page. And, of course, this page is created by the apprentices. Regular editorial meetings are held at which, for example, new ideas for topics or the layout are discussed among the editing team. The newsletter reports on job fairs, international internships or other apprentice projects. 

Stadtfest - Projektarbeit

Project Work

At BÜFA you can participate voluntarily in many projects, e.g. shooting the apprentice movie or redesigning the apprentice page.

Project work is a great way to add variety alongside your daily work and it’s super exciting to exchange your ideas with other apprentices. These projects are mostly organised by the apprentices themselves but they are always given support when needed!


Stay abroad

Independence and personal responsibility – these two concepts are very important for us during your vocational education. Every one of our apprentices can, for example, complete an internship abroad if he/she takes on the responsibility for arranging this himself/herself. We will be glad to help with organising and financing  this "look beyond borders".  We believe that being left to your own devices for a couple of weeks in a foreign country and having to get by in a foreign language is one of the most formative experiences a young person can have.

Azubi Gesundheit

Trainee fit

The health of our employees is very important to us. Especially at a young age - as an apprentice - the foundations for a healthy lifestyle should be laid. In cooperation with the Techniker Kasse, BÜFA offers its trainees workshops on nutrition, exercise and stress.

The short way to Hansefit

Our trainees also receive a special bonus when they join the Hansefit association. The usual admission fee of 59€ is paid by the BÜFA and supports every trainee in his free time with a healthy and sporty way of life! 


NWZ Subscription

Apprentices at BÜFA are given a NWZ subscription [Oldenburg newspaper] in their 1st year of training. In return, apprentices participate in a little quiz every two weeks. And if apprentices pay for their subscription themselves in their 2nd year of training, there is a possibility that they may receive an iPad.


Celebrating also needs to be learned

Like all over the world, BÜFA celebrates a Christmas party every year. And as with all companies here in northern Germany, we also celebrate kale. But in addition, our trainees receive a fixed budget to celebrate every year, which they can spend on a trainee trip and a barbecue evening!