Erfahrungsbericht Jubi Juist

Experience Report Jubi Juist

The goal of our two-week visit to the island Juist where we stayed in the Theodor Wuppermann e.V. Youth Education Centre was to get to know each other better and also to overcome our own personal limits. This goal was achieved through the different tasks we had to tackle. 

By learning to fly a motor glider, our self-confidence was given a big boost and many of us lost our fear of flying. After 14 days we had even advanced far enough that we could land the motor glider by ourselves and at the end of our visit, we received the Pinch-Hitter flying license.

We also needed to have a lot of courage while paddling through the waves in the ocean, sitting in a kayak, doing a half-roll and then trying to free ourselves under water.

Divided into project groups  (theatre, music and photo), we had different kinds of exercises that we had to master. Creativity was needed in the theatre group because we had to write our own play and present it. The theme this year was "In the Here and Now". We chose a project manager, a quality manager and someone to write minutes and then prepared a project plan with goals that we wanted to achieve each day – after all, organisation plays an important role when there’s so little time. Further factors, such as reliability, ability to take criticism and individual initiative were also very important because that’s the only way a team can achieve results.

We also had to demonstrate our ability to work in a team and our communication skills in various group games in which you can only reach your goal as a team.

We also learned that fun is a part of it as well so that you feel comfortable together. Fun was offered in the form of recreational activities such as archery or climbing. We could spend our evenings in quiet groups or together with many other apprentices in the JubiThek where there were football kicker tables, ping-pong tables and a billiard table.

On the last evening an event was held in which each group presented their project. Here as well, our ability to organise and work as a team was to be demonstrated. We planned the entire evening and its execution by ourselves.

All in all, the stay there really did fulfil its purpose.  We not only got to know each other a lot better but also got to know ourselves better. We learned that communication in a team is very important and that together we can do or achieve a lot. We also learned to take criticism and deal with it and realised that criticism doesn’t always immediately mean something negative. The fact that we also took on these great challenges and the good feeling that conquering our fears gave us is unique and gave us a lot of self-assurance.

Juist is what you make of it!

Christina Koß, 1st year of training