Climate + Resources

Last year all the BÜFA Group locations were audited for their energy consumption. The audit revealed that BÜFA is already well positioned with regard to energy use, but that despite this there is still potential for savings. By changing over to LED lighting technology, BÜFA Composite Systems for example can now save 38,000 kWh (14,212 kg CO2) a year. At BÜFA Chemicals two new trucks that are safer and more efficient have been purchased. Furthermore, a training course for the truck drivers has increased their awareness for resource-saving driving, so that as a result almost 28,000 kWh (6,890 kg CO2) can be saved each year.

As regards our CO2-saving targets for 2016, we have not yet reached the position we wanted, but we have identified numerous possibilities for saving that we aim to implement in the coming years, for example within the scope of our site expansions. With appropriate planning we can implement energy-efficient, resource-conserving technologies directly in the structural extensions and integrate these into our existing buildings.