Commitment + Region

BÜFA supports various institutions and projects in the region. As a responsible chemical company with three strategic fields of action –digitization, innovation and sustainability – we promote different areas of our society.

Sustainable element "new chemistry": regional commitment

BÜFA pursues its funding priorities in the following areas:

• Arts and culture,

• Education, particularly at pre-school, school and higher education level, with a focus on science and digitalization, innovation and sustainability

• Social affairs, in particular the promotion of social integration and inclusion

• Sport, especially with a high promotional impact for the city, state and across the nation

Donation recipients include:

• schools, kindergartens, colleges or universities

• non-profit organisations and initiatives, associations and institutions

Overview of the company’s exemplary social commitments in 2020:

In 2020, many aid organizations faced challenges due to the Corona pandemic in Germany. To support regional facilities, BÜFA donated disposable masks and disinfectants from its own production. The company BÜFA feels very connected to their region and would like to contribute to the management of the pandemic with a wide variety of donations.

Student Research Center NorthWest

Coordination of offerings in mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (MINT) with other regional companies

Oldenburg University Association

Yearbook and Annual Report 2020

Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg

Professorship endowment

TEDx Oldenburg

Online presentations of innovative ideas

Kulturetage cultural association

Cabaret festival 2020

Rastede Racing and Riding Association

Beach & Ride in Nethen 2020


Streetball court to promote integration

EWE Baskets

Sponsoring Profi-Sport

Addiction and youth care

Educational brochures for Oldenburg schools
Lower Saxony Police Union Coloring book "Children in road traffic"
SELAM gGmbHEquipment "Kiek In", disinfectant and mouth-nose protectors

Trostreich e.V.

Association donation, disinfectant and mouth-nose protection

Kiola e.V.

Association donation, disinfectant and mouth-nose protection

Rett e.V.

Association donation, disinfectant and mouth-nose protection

Tafel Westerstede e.V.

Disinfectant and mouth-nose protection

DRK-Pantry Rastede

Disinfectant and mouth-nose protection

Set the table Edewecht e.V.

Disinfectant and mouth-nose protection

Oldenburger Tafel e.V.

Disinfectant and mouth-nose protection