Commitment + Region

BÜFA supports a number of different institutions and projects in the region. Our commitment focuses on the areas of education and culture. We aim to be even more active here in the coming years and, for instance, to develop a concept that confirms voluntary commitment on the part of our staff.

Goal achieved - Internship and traineeships for refugees

We have achieved the goal we set last year! Four internships and three traineeships have been created for refugees. Now it is important to consolidate this commitment and allow refugees to take part in an internship or traineeship with us every year. For our systematic and comprehensive approach to integrating refugees we were presented with the special "Refugee Project" prize of the Innovative Training Award Scheme (PIA) organised by the Nordwest-Zeitung newspaper.

Free advice on the topics of work safety and corporate health management

We share our knowledge on safety at work and corporate health management – generally free of charge or simply against payment of a slight expense allowance. Our Safety Officer and our Environmental Protection Officer advise customers and other companies on approval procedures, regularly hold lectures at association congresses and play an active role free of charge in various committees and bodies.

Support for the Kulturetage

Support for the Kulturetage (a culture centre) has been a fixed part of our company for 18 years now. The centre is located where everything began for BÜFA, at Bahnhofstrasse 10/11 in Oldenburg. Up to 1980 this was the address of BÜFA’s head office. In addition, we help to do some good via a number of smaller activities. For instance we take part in various sponsored runs and the fees for these always benefit a good purpose – for example regional hospice work.

Experiencing chemistry live

Of course we are committed not only in the Oldenburg region, but also at our Dutch site in Almelo. There every two weeks groups of schoolchildren are given the opportunity to tour the building and gain an insight into occupations in the chemical sector.