​Products + Responsibility​

Sustainable product design

Since 2019, we list some of our products in the FiBL list, which is published by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. This lists raw materials that can be used for organic processing. By using FiBL-listed products with our customers, BÜFA manages to integrate bio-based, above-average degradable and effluent-friendly products into the market and contributes to the improvement of environmental performance.

In the area of raw materials used, BÜFA also pays attention to sustainability. Since 2019, BÜFA has been evaluating its surfactant raw materials according to biobased content. As part of this, BÜFA is aiming for 55% of all surfactants purchased to be biobased in 2021.

For the first time, the product "Ferroxol®", which is used for effective and safe desulfurization of biogas plants, could be FiBL-listed. The listing makes "Ferroxol®" ideally suited for agricultural operations that, like BÜFA, focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness.

We also take a responsible approach to the issue of palm (kernel) oil and its derivatives. At the VivoChem site in Almelo (Netherlands) and in Hude-Altmoorhausen, we are authorized to purchase, repackage, refine and sell products in accordance with the RSPO standard (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil).