​Products + Responsibility​


Last year we decided that we wanted to convert 50% of our production to "green" products (sustainably produced products such as bio-based materials) by the year 2020. In order to achieve this goal we are currently considering together with producers of chemical products what ecological alternatives to traditional products exist for our portfolio. For example, we have included new cold and heat transfer fluids and gas-to-liquid fuels (GTL) in our programme. Other newcomers in our collection are organic products for acidifying drinking trough water that promote the health of farm animals and thus help to reduce the need for antibiotics in animal breeding.

As a member of the Responsible Care Programme, we attach great value to a sustainable delivery chain. The chemical trade plays a major role in product stewardship, considering sustainable production and use of products throughout their entire life cycle. It serves as a key figure in communication between producers of chemicals and various end consumers.


For us, sustainability is closely linked with product innovation. Our cooperation arrangement with SODASAN, the East Frisian producer of eco-friendly washing and cleaning agents for end consumers, is now well established. We develop new products on a purely ecological basis in a joint working group. After launching the green washing system "Ozerna Eco System" on the market last year, we are now testing innovations in the field of surface hygiene that are to be introduced to our customers this year. We aim to continuously expand our range of ecological cleaning agents. This brings us closer to our goal of keeping the share of products labelled "environmentally hazardous" at the level of the baseline year 2014, despite the now stricter classification in compliance with the CLP Regulation that came into force in 2015.


At BÜFA Composite Systems we are targeting an over 50% share of cobalt-free products in our portfolio. Moreover we are gradually converting the products in the existing portfolio from the basic formulation.

Here is the latest news on the new classification Cobalt-bis-(-2-ethylhexanoate)

Furthermore, we are working in various areas to design our products more sustainably. Since last year we have been using an eco-resin consisting of up to around 40 per cent recyclable materials as a raw material. Customers are using our BÜFA formulations to reinforce rear walls of acrylic bathtubs or in the production of fire-protected components. Our developers are working on use of the eco-resin in the formulations of further products as well.

In a range of projects we are working on styrene-free systems that help processors to reduce emissions and contamination with VOC (volatile organic compounds). A further example of VOC avoidance is the BÜFA®-AE-Cleaner, a highly effective cleaning agent that users accept as a substitute for conventional cleaning agents such as acetone.

In addition BÜFA Composite Systems has developed a "BÜFA foam resin complete system". By foaming the material we can reduce component weights by up to 45%. The system includes for instance fire-protected products that satisfy the standards in bus and rail vehicle construction. Thanks to their fire protection properties the systems can save human lives.