Values + Strategy

Chemistry and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, not even if this is often said to be the case. No, chemistry is the basis of everything – without chemical processes there would be no life, not even the universe itself. But of course not all chemical processes or substances are good for human beings and the environment. There are substances, whether natural or synthetically produced, that can only be traded with appropriate care. There are some substances which we can ideally dispense with completely, because if they find their way into the product cycle they can have negative effects on humans or the environment, or because their production uses up finite resources irrevocably.

We understand our claim "New Chemistry" to be a task as well: we want to exchange such substances increasingly for more sustainable substances, first of all in our own production activities. In a next step we aim to support our customers in similar processes. In sectors where this is not (yet) possible, we want to handle these substances reliably and safely with the greatest possible care together with the necessary expertise and technical equipment.

However, "New Chemistry" means even more than this for us. We cultivate a special relationship. Openness, mutual appreciation and respect for each other are key elements of our corporate culture. We believe that decisions should be taken at the place of greatest competence – and that is not necessarily in the management. In order to satisfy this claim, we introduced a lean management system in all areas. This will enable each staff member to bring in his or her own ideas every day. We hope that we will be able to simplify procedures and "waste" less – whether time, materials, money or good ideas. And through processes that are improved a little day by day, we also hope to save energy and natural resources and avoid wastage – thus taking a further step towards greater sustainability.

Jan Philipp Wuppermann, spokesman of the shareholder family, March 2017