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We act today for tomorrow - BÜFA becomes climate neutral

One element of sustainability is the now widespread social demand for climate neutrality in manufacturing, transport and the products themselves.

Actions and processes of companies must not cause any greenhouse emissions or must be compensated by suitable measures.

To this end, BÜFA has set itself the goal of making the emissions at the German sites in its direct sphere of influence climate neutral from 2021. To achieve this goal, BÜFA has presented a compensation package; here, projects for wind power generation, solar energy, reforestation or moorland dilution are also supported to offset CO2.

To avoid CO2, BÜFA is looking into the use of photovoltaic or biomethane plants. Emissions, in turn, are to be reduced through LED projects, e-mobility or canister recycling. In addition, BÜFA calculates its Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) and its Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), taking into account all emissions from its own processes and production, as well as its own transport logistics.