Work + Future

We encourage our staff to bring their personality and ideas into the company. Satisfied staff are more productive, which has a positive result on the profitability and innovation capability of our company.

Developing competencies: Lean & Project Management

By embracing project management and to an even greater extent lean management, we are rethinking our organisational structure. As a supplement to our leadership guidelines, we are bringing management to the place where work is carried out and are thus giving new direction to competence development.

We need staff with a sense of individual responsibility who, as experts in their work, draw attention to wastage and possible improvements. And we need self-organised teams who can tackle problems themselves. Here "lean" not only adds to our goal of a leadership culture oriented to solutions and feedback, but with the corresponding methods ensures that findings are implemented.

Harmonising work and private life

It is important to us that all staff can work in accordance with their needs. And that they receive support if their personal circumstances change. Alongside our company pension scheme, we have recently launched an occupational disability insurance.

Our staff with small children know that their darlings are safely looked after in our daily nursery. In addition our staff can work part-time in a number of different working time models, including working from home. Alongside 30 days holiday, parents of school-age children can under certain conditions take up to five extra days of holiday. We offer a free information service for staff who have to look after and care for family members. They also have the option of being released from work for two months with continued payment of a set amount.

Healthier working and living

BÜFA’s Company Health Management has become a success factor not only with regard to the sickness rate. For the third year in succession this was well below 4%. The BÜFA Group offers both situational and behavioural preventive health services. There are many different joint activities, from running and earning sports badges to various cycling tours. The bestowal of the quality symbol "Corporate Health Award" also confirms that BÜFA is right on track to achieving excellent corporate health management for sustainable improvement of staff wellbeing.