Chemical Technician (m/f/d)

Your Start in This Vocational Training

Your first step in the BÜFA world begins with a  "getting acquainted weekend". Before you actually start your vocational training, you will get to meet the other apprentices and your training supervisor who will be your personal contact throughout the entire duration of your vocational training and who will always have an open ear for you.  

At a relaxed get-together, BÜFA employees will give you initial insights into your new world of work which saves you having to jump into the deep end by yourself.

Your Tasks and Activities

This apprenticeship takes 3½ years during which time you will also receive instruction in physics, chemistry and mathematics in vocational school. In the company you will control and monitor machines and equipment for the production and filling of chemical products:

  • You will measure raw materials.
  • You will fill raw materials into systems.
  • By means of heating, cooling or distilling, you will produce the desired product.
  • You will ensure the quality of our products by taking samples and evaluating them.


The Course of Your Vocational Training

1st year of training

You will be employed in your so-called home department – in a BÜFA subsidiary or with our training partner, Covestro Oldenburg. Right from the beginning, you will be introduced to production and filling processes, gaining many impressions and as much experience as possible.

2nd year of training

During your 2nd year you will get to know the other subsidiaries and learn about  their processes that are specific to your education.

3rd and 4th year of training

As a rule, these years are spent in your home department and you will also spend time preparing yourself thoroughly for your final examination.

Supporting measures are a part of each training year, for example in-house instruction. During these measures, theoretical knowledge that was conveyed to you in school is intensified. Special preparation for final exams takes place in the technology centre at BASF.

Soft Skills and Prerequisites

A prerequisite for this apprenticeship is at least a secondary school certificate as well as good grades in chemistry, physics and mathematics. In addition, you should also have the following soft skills:


  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Fast reactions
  • Flexibility
  • Perseverance
  • Good sense of smell
  • Faultless perception of colours

You can get your vocational education as a Chemical Technician at the following sites – however, your application must be made centrally.

Vocational school classes are held at the BZTG in Oldenburg. In the 1st year of schooling you will attend classes two days a week. In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, attendance is just once a week. 

Your Post-Training Prospects

If you pass your final exam with a score of 3 or better, you will normally be offered an employment contract for at least 6 months. However, even before this, all apprentices can apply for internal vacancies. And if you have then found the job of your dreams, that’s when things really get going –  BÜFA offers their employees numerous and very individual opportunities to further their qualifications  and education. From extra-occupational studies all the way to specialisation in a certain subject area, anything is possible ... because our employees are the real capital and heart of our company.