Financial Support

BÜFA takes over the costs for school books and provides support when staying abroad. If there are problems in school, BÜFA is always willing to help with tutoring. 


Chemical Laboratory Technicians are supported right from the beginning of their training  through instruction at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg. Any unanswered questions from vocational school can be clarified here and theoretical knowledge broadened. During the course of this practical training, they also learn preparative and analytic working methods which provides the best possible preparation for practical examinations.

Network of Companies

In order to be able to provide all aspects of vocational training, BÜFA cooperates with a wide network of companies in this region. For example, a part of the Mechatronics Technician training takes place at Brötje Automation in Loy or at CEWE Stiftung in Osternburg. The Chemical Technicians are prepared for their examinations in BASF’s technical centre.

We have a very special connection with Covestro Oldenburg GmbH which, until a few years ago, was a BÜFA company before it was sold to Bayer AG in 2015 and renamed Covestro Oldenburg. In spite of all the changes in ownership and name, the colleagues at Covestro Oldenburg  are still served by BÜFA’s personnel management in all personnel matters – not only in payroll accounting but also in training. So if you apply to BÜFA, you might begin your training on August 1st at Covestro.

Grill Party for Apprentices

The apprentices at all sites, including training supervisors, get together on a sunny summer evening and organise a grill party. A large grill is set up on the terrace of the Holding, some of the apprentices bring a salad, beverages are supplied and everything is set up for a nice evening. In a pleasant  and relaxed atmosphere it is possible to talk to the other apprentices or exchange words with the training supervisors. "It was a great evening because it gave us the opportunity for longer talks with the apprentices from other sites", is how Gereon G. (Industrial Clerk in his 2nd year of training) described the evening. Even after the sun has set, the apprentices remain together into the night while music plays.

Jubi Juist

Apprentices are sent to the East Frisian island Juist for 14 days. The schedule here alternates between project work, flying lessons, recreational activities and an evening event that the apprentices organise themselves.

Do you want to know more?

Editorial Work for the Employee Newsletter

‘WIR! BÜFA’ is the name of our employee newsletter that is published three times a year. The motto here is created by employees for employees. To make sure that our apprentices are also included and all other employees are kept up to date on the various issues involved in vocational training, there’s an apprentice page. And, of course, this page is created by the apprentices. Regular editorial meetings are held at which, for example, new ideas for topics or the layout are discussed among the editing team. The newsletter reports on job fairs, international internships or other apprentice projects. 

Project Work

At BÜFA you can participate voluntarily in many projects, e.g. shooting the apprentice movie or redesigning the apprentice page.

Project work is a great way to add variety alongside your daily work and it’s super exciting to exchange your ideas with other apprentices. These projects are mostly organised by the apprentices themselves but they are always given support when needed!

Information Events

Several information events for apprentices are held during the first year of vocational training. Information on various topics is given at these events, e.g. on personnel management. These events also include tours of the other sites.

Getting Acquainted Weekend

Before vocational training begins, BÜFA holds a getting acquainted weekend at which apprentices can get to know BÜFA and the other new apprentices better. Along with several presentations giving information about the company and the vocational training offered, there are also joint activities such as games. The day ends  with an evening meal together.


BÜFA places great emphasis not only on mental fitness but also on physical fitness and a sense of community. Apprentices are offered inexpensive membership at Hansefit and all BÜFA and Covestro employees can participate as a team in many fun runs such as the Oldenburg City Marathon or the Eversten Fountain Run. In the years past, apprentices have also always participated in the Spinning Marathon held in the Audi Centre where 24 colleagues cycle indoor for 24 hours.

NWZ Subscription

Apprentices at BÜFA are given a NWZ subscription [Oldenburg newspaper] in their 1st year of training. In return, apprentices participate in a little quiz every two weeks. And if apprentices pay for their subscription themselves in their 2nd year of training, there is a possibility that they may receive an iPad.

Kale Tour (Kohlfahrt)

At the annual BÜFA Kohlfahrt, colleagues from all areas get together for a march through the countryside which is concluded by going to a restaurant where kale and sausage is served for dinner while music is played.