Coolants are often used in heating and cooling systems, air conditioners, heat pumps and solar energy systems, as well as in many other liquid conveying systems. Their range of use in thus extremely varied – whether in the food industry, systems engineering, the production of plastics or in bio gas plants, coolants are an essential constituent in functioning circuits for many companies.

Kilfrost is our competent partner for coolants

We sell coolants in cooperation with Kilfrost and are the official sales partner of the British company for the German speaking area, Denmark and the Benelux countries.

For three generations now, Kilfrost, a family-owned company, has developed and produced de-icing technologies for the transportation industry and special liquids for heating and cooling systems. Time and again, Kilfrost has proved its expertise for new formulations – from the first anti-freeze agent for motor coolers used in Antarctic expeditions all the way to the first eco-fluid ever used in industry, a deicing agent on a biological base.

Ecological sustainability of next generation products

A crucial factor for cooperation with Kilfrost was the ecological sustainability of their coolants. Kilfrost has presented a new generation that is non-toxic and even has lower viscosity than ethylene glycol. Especially at temperatures of -10 °C and below, this new liquid is clearly less viscous. This clearly reduces a loss of pressure in the system which saves energy costs for pumps (up to 40%).

Kilfrost offers solutions for different branches.

Kilfrost ALV is a more powerful, non-toxic alternative to MEG and MPG for low temperature chilling/cooling systems and can be used in all technical circuits. 

Kilfrost ALV Plus was developed to improve the performance and safety of low temperature chilling/cooling systems and circuits, especially in the food and beverage industry. Both products can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to +40°C.

Cooltrans products offer a safe alternative to conventional coolants

Cooltrans products are inhibited, glycol based, multicomponent, high performance coolants that were developed for secondary cooling applications in process and room cooling but also for temperature regulation. Cooltrans coolants contain synergistic corrosion inhibitors based on patented, organic acid technology (OAT). These inhibitors bond to metal surfaces, creating a protective layer just a few molecules thick. This thin molecular layer protects surfaces at risk in the operating system from corrosion without reducing thermal contact of the coolant which maintains heat transfer efficiency.

As with the products of the next generation, Kilfrost offers solutions for different branches:

Cooltrans CT is a mono ethylene glycol based, high performance coolant that was developed for secondary coolant circuits and industrial cooling applications.

Cooltrans Plus CTL, which is based on mono propylene glycol, is intended for use in food and beverage processing and for secondary cooling systems.

Kilfrost products do not contain any nitrates, nitrites, borates or heavy metals. 

Further information is found in our flyer on Coolants.