Responsible care for humans and the environment is deeply ingrained throughout the entire BÜFA Group. We in the chemical business area continuously invest in our highly modern site so that we not only comply with the standards required by law but also surpass these standards. 

Water pollution Control

The entire establishment in Altmoorhausen is underlaid with a 5 mm thick polyethylene sealing membrane over an area of 7000 m2.

"Accident scanners" are installed at all chemicals handling points that close the valves in the piping network for surface water in the event of danger.

Gate valves in the works entrance area prevent run-off of contaminated surface water.

In the event of an incident we protect the surrounding environment by means of catch basins installed at our plant premises.

Waste water treatment

All the waste waters generated are treated in a multi-stage waste water installation.

The process steps comprise:

  • oxidation
  • flocculation/precipitation
  • pH-value control (neutralisation)
  • purifying filtration

Water from our own reverse osmosis plant is used to clean the outsides of tanks and containers.

Fire protection

To ensure that everything functions smoothly in the event of a fire, we conduct fire protection drills on site at BÜFA Chemicals.

The local fire brigade knows its way around our plant and also ensures that assignments can be carried out using chemical protection suits.

The carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system has a tank capacity of eleven metric tons. A large number of hydrants both indoors and outdoors ensure sufficient water supply.

Air pollution control

Emissions resulting are reduced to minimum concentrations by gas scrubbers in the acid and lye filling zone and by a gas displacement system in the solvent handling zone.

In our solvent filling station we have five air changes an hour. The extracted air flows are cleaned via a special waste air cleaning filter.

To protect our staff we measure the maximum workplace concentrations at regular intervals.