Power by nature

Sustainability begins with the head and the heart. And with BÜFA!

Treating our environment and our resources carefully is becoming increasingly important, not only for you. Your customers too are attaching even greater value to sustainability. What began as an inner attitude is now developing into growing legal regulations, internal specifications and voluntary commitments. Grow at the same pace – with BÜFA power by nature!

What does sustainability mean for you? For BÜFA, it means consistent further development of protective and resource-conserving products and methods. Pointing the way naturally. And naturally good. For mankind, for the environment and for the future.

With our product series "BÜFA power by nature" it is now possible to clean and wash environmentally friendly. All products fulfil the high demands of the EU-Ecolabel.

Power by nature for Facility Management

Omnia Evolve
Green mild alkaline all-in-one cleaner concentrate, based on 100 % renewable active substances and can be used on all water-resistant surfaces.
The highly efficient product "for all cases" takes on tasks in different application solutions of a grease and fat remover, tile and grout cleaner, all-surface cleaner, odour absorber, neutral sanitary cleaner, carpet cleaner, floor cleaner , glass and window cleaner.

Power by nature for Food processing industry

Orbin Evolve
Mild alkaline foam cleaner based on 100% natural, renewable raw materials that is suitable for all cleaning processes in the F&B industry. It removes easily fat and protein residues from sensitive synthetic surfaces and coatings. Orbin Evolve has a medium alkaline pH value in its application dilution of 3% that is even further reduce by the rinsing water; hence, the wastewater will not be load with an excess of alkalinity.
Orbin Evolve Forte
Strongly alkaline foam cleaning agent on an ecological basis with good detaching power. Based on a mixture of active agents made up solely of natural, renewable raw materials, it achieves excellent cleaning results when used against stronger grease and protein soiling.
Spezial Evolve
Acid foam cleaner for all acid resistant surfaces based on environmental friendly ingredients for the removal of mineral-based scaling. Its excellent lime removing power in combination with a very short reaction time and high material-friendly properties let it stand out from other products.

Power by nature for Kitchen & Canteen Hygiene

BÜFA-Clean Natural
A pH neutral cleaning concentrate that ensure a quick and very gentle cleaning. Due to a mix of quick wetting and emulsifying renewable surfactants, BÜFA Clean Neutral shows an outstanding fat removing capacity.
Oldomat Natural Clear
A rinse agent adjusted to an acid pH for use in commercial dishwashers. The active ingredients based on renewable raw materials. It contains a combination of surface-active substances that ensure good drainage of the rinse water and thus flawless, sparkling clear dishes.
Oldomat Natural GSM
Dishwashing agent for commercial use in industrial kitchens and other food processing operations that achieves excellent cleaning results even with very hard water. The active ingredients based on renewable raw materials. The high content of water hardness binding substances makes Oldomat Natural GSM suitable also in machines that operate without softening systems.

Power by nature for Laundries

Lizerna Active Green
Green, alkaline laundry booster, which is tailored into the Ozerna ECO System. Due to its high content of complexing agents, Lizerna Active Green works also perfectly under hard water conditions. The product creates no foam. Even at higher temperatures and direct steam injection, it will not form any foam. Hence it is ideal also for continuous batch washers.
Ozerna ECO System
Our ecological washing system works on the modular principle and consists of an alkaline all-purpose detergent, a liquid oxygen bleach and a neutralization agent. The washing process – with a distinct fat and protein removing power – is reaching highest efficiency even at low temperatures of only 40°C (104°F). Our Ozerna Eco System is of course dermatologically approved.