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Ozerna Eco System

Our ecological washing system Ozerna Eco works on the modular principle and consists of an alkaline all-purpose detergent, a liquid oxygen bleaching agent and a neutralisation agent. The washing process - with a distinct fat and protein removing power – is reaching highest efficiency even at low temperatures of only 40 °C. The Ozerna ECO System is dermatologically approved.

Ozerna Colour Green
Ozerna Bright Green

Alkaline sole detergent based on vegetable raw materials

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Lizerna OX
Lizerna OX - Liquid stabilized oxygen bleaching agent

Lizerna Ox is an ideal oxygen carrier in washing liquors, which guarantees absolute residue-free decomposition and removes bleachable stains.

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Lizerna Citro
Lizerna Citro - Neutralisation agent based on citric acid

An odourless neutralisation agent that leads to stable neutral pH values in the laundry. Lizerna Citro prevents the ormation of yellow stains even in the case of storing damp textiles.

In addition to the Ozerna Eco System we recommend the green alkaline laundry booster Lizerna Active Green for especially greasy textiles such as restaurant or kitchen laundry.

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Based on a mixture of active ingredients consisting exclusively of natural, renewable raw materials, cleaning results are achieved that could previously only be achieved with conventional alkaline detergents. 

Lizerna Active Green
Lizerna Active Green - Green Alkaline Laundry Booster

Ecological grease remover with excellent washing performance at 40° C. Due to its high content of water-hardening substances Lizerna Active Green is also suitable for washing machines without a water softening system. The product is non-foaming, both at lower temperatures around 40°C and at high temperatures and can therefore be used well in steam-heated washing machines or continuous batch washers.

More information about the product (PDF-Download)