BÜFA Click-System

BÜFA Click-System

Smoother – quicker – safer

This is how the properties of the new concept can be described in a brief. The focus was on a safe and user friendly application of BÜFA dishwashing products in canteen kitchen.

Normally dishwashing and rinsing agents are stored under the working area on a grid. Handling the containers can be indeed difficult. During the change to a new container it is easily possible to spill product. It is also possible that any kind of soil particles may fall into the container and therefore deteriorate the quality of the products.

BÜFA Click

With the new and innovative BÜFA Click-System a quick and clean change is possible. The well-known dishwashing agent Oldomat OC Plus and the rinsing agent Oldomat Klar are already equipped with the new adapter.

With an easy pressing of the quick fastener together a safe connection with the dosing units is secured. Thanks to the colour code – red for the dishwashing agent, blue for the rinsing agent – any product mix-up is eliminated.

With such an innovative highlight the Oldenburg based company emphasized again its competence in the area of professional cleaning of canteen kitchen. The BÜFA Click-System – in conjunction with the brand products Oldomat OC Plus and Oldomat Klar – ensures a perfect cleaning result and a safe application in any canteen kitchen.