Oberflächen Desinfektionsprodukte

Surface cleaning products & disinfectant products

We offer you a comprehensive range of surface cleaning products and disinfectant products.

Important hint for the mentioned disinfectant agents:

Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.


Spezial 38 S
Acid foam cleaner concentrate on a mineral acid basis with a high proportion of highly effective wetting agents and foam-stabilizing surfactants; as a product with an acid content, it has a pronounced capacity for detaching mineral soil.


Orbin S-OC Spezial
Alkaline foam cleaner without chlorine that quickly loosens and thoroughly removes protein and particularly greasy soil; especially in meat, fish and delicatessen production plants, Orbin S-OC is a suitable alternative to chlorinated alkaline foam cleaning products.
Tolo Aktiv
Universal quick-acting concentrated cleaner.

Alcohol as active compound

Tolo Sept
A ready-to-use preparation on an alcohol basis, gentle on materials, for fast and intermediate disinfecting on areas that are not rinsed after application; the product is registered in the IHO list.

Disinfection QAV

Antisept RD Plus
Mildly alkaline cleaning and disinfecting concentrate.

Surface cleaners

Omnia Exquisit
Universal alcohol-based cleaning agent.
Sept E
Powdered cleanser for cutting boards.
Tolo Polar
Special cleaner for deep-freeze areas.