Dyestuffs for 3D printed parts made from PA 12

The material most used in selective laser sintering (SLS) is the white polyamide 12 in powder form (PA 12/PA 2200). It displays mechanical and thermal resistance and is therefore particularly suitable for a large number of applications in prototype construction or small series production of fully functional components.

The Polymeth dyestuffs have been developed for subsequent surface colouring of laser-sintered parts. These selected dispersion dyestuffs – in interplay with the dyeing accelerator Polysol PCL and the levelling agent Lavegal FL – permit dyeing with excellent fastness where everyday use and exposure to light are concerned. Further multipliers include the correct dyeing temperature and the dyeing time. The quantities of dyestuffs used to obtain an optimal colouring result are extremely low. For example, just one gram of Polymeth 3D Black per litre of water is sufficient to achieve an intensive black.