Dyeing auxiliaries

Specialist companies appreciate the high quality of our dyeing auxiliaries.

Our product range includes

  • dyeing accelerators
  • dispersing agents
  • post-treatment agents
  • stripping agents
  • bleaching agents

Bleaching agents & stripping agents

Blankit AR
Bleaching/stripping agent with optical brightener for textiles/furs/buttons.
Redulin BUR
Bleaching/stripping agent for textiles; Stripping agent for dyed buttons.

Dyeing auxiliaries

Lavegal FL
Pre- and aftertreatment agent, levelling agent.
Polysol N
Dispersing and water adjustment agent.
Polysol OP
Dyestuff accelerator and levelling agent for the dyeing of Mother of Pearl.
Polysol PCL
Dyestuff accelerator, dispersing and levelling agent.
Agent to improve fastness to water for corozo nut and cotton.