Foam cleaners

In this varied product program can choose between alkaline foam cleaners with active chlorine, and cleaning concentrates set to an acid or alkaline pH value.

Please note: Use biocidal agents safely. Always read label and product Information before use.


Spezial 38 S
Acid foam cleaner concentrate on a mineral acid basis with a high proportion of highly effective wetting agents and foam-stabilizing surfactants; as a product with an acid content, it has a pronounced capacity for detaching mineral soil.
Spezial 38 S Forte
Acid foam cleaning product on a mineral acid basis with a high proportion of wetting agents and foam-stabilizing surfactants; the admixture of special detergent substances ensures that excellent grease and protein soil detaching capacities are achieved.
Spezial SN-P
Strongly acid foam cleaner on the basis of a mineral acids; dissolved even stubborn soiling that are not removable with common acid foam cleaner.


Orbin S-OC Spezial
Alkaline foam cleaner without chlorine that quickly loosens and thoroughly removes protein and particularly greasy soil; especially in meat, fish and delicatessen production plants, Orbin S-OC is a suitable alternative to chlorinated alkaline foam cleaning products.
Orbin V-RS
Strongly alkaline foam cleaning agent without active chlorine, with pronounced detaching power to combat strong grease and protein soiling; thanks to the balanced combination of the ingredients excellent cleaning results are obtained for manual cleaning, as well as for use in foaming systems.

Alcaline with chlorine

Orbin RT-P
Chlorine containing alkaline foam cleaner with high cleaning power; removes grease, protein and starch soil quickly and reliably.
Orbin S
Alkaline foam cleaning product with active chlorine as detergent component. Alongside special surfactants, organic sequestering agents in place of phosphates ensure good usefulness even where higher water hardness degrees prevail.
Orbin S Forte
Foam cleaner concentrate set to an alkaline pH value with elevated active chlorine content; the ratio of special organic complexing agents in combination with highly effective surfactants allows particularly intensive and thorough cleaning.
Orbin SEPT
Disinfecting, alkaline foam cleaning product with active chlorine; removes grease and protein based soiling quickly and reliably; registered in the IHO disinfectant list.