Smoke resin removers

Our strongly alkaline cleaning concentrates remove the most stubborn soilings, for example in smoking chambers.


Highly alkaline foam cleaner with foaming properties for removing obstinate soil; it effectively removes both tar residues typically encountered in smoking chambers and problem soil resulting from fat, grease, protein and starch.
RHE Forte
Strongly alkaline foam cleaner for removing obstinate soil encrustation; containing grease-dissolving, emulsifying surfactants and complexing agents, it is ideal for use against grease, protein and smoke resin soil that is difficult to remove.
RHE Liquid
Highly alkaline cleaning product for removing smoke resin soil. This product can also be used as a spray and basic cleaning agent for removing heavy soil from all alkali-resistant surfaces.
RHE Premium
Highly active, strongly alkaline cleaning concentrate for removing smoke resin soil and obstinate grease and protein residues.