Spezialprodukte Lebensmittelverarbeitung

Special products

Our special products are intelligent solutions for selected applications.


Sibin GF Spezial
A highly alkaline cleaning powder which delivers excellent cleaning results even with especially stubborn organic stains. Sibin GF Special is suitable for cleaning tasks in the food processing industry where the use of highly alkaline cleaners is indispensable e.g. for heaters, evaporators, extractors, recoolers, cooking kettles, fryers, grills and much more.
Tolo SW
Tolo SW is a highly alkaline and bleaching cleaning agent for alkali-, moisture- and bleach-resistant footwear. These can be shoes, boots, clogs, etc. made of rubber or plastic. Tolo SW is used in all areas of food processing. Tolo SW is particularly suitable for hygiene sluices in the entrance and exit areas as well as intermediate sluices with boot cleaning machines.
Tolo Tube Cleaner
Drain, pipe and siphon cleaning with only one product. Due to the large number of enzymes, the pipe cleaner is ideal for dissolving natural and old fats and removing food residues.