BÜFA Clean

BÜFA-Clean series

BÜFA-Clean – 4 Highlights for utility vehicle cleaning

This new product generation fulfilled – thanks to new active compounds – highest demands. Our “Fantastic Four” are developed following the newest findings from our R&D department. The formulas pay most attention to material compatibility and environmental safety.


BÜFA-Clean Brillant

Alkaline intensive cleanser with high gloss effect; removes even stubborn soiling yet gentle; further application areas are general cleaning in garages and washing halls as well as a pre-cleaner vehicles washer. 

BÜFA-Clean Power S

This is a strong acidic pre-spray, chassis and wheel cleaner for a very effective pre-cleaning of all kind utility vehicles. Even very stubborn, mineral soiling such as scaling, rust, abrasion from the breaking system or cement residues will be removed quickly.


BÜFA-Clean Intensive

A very effective, alkaline pre-spraying and tarpaulin cleaner especially developed for truck tarpaulins. Stubborn soiling such as fat, oil, tar, insect residues or tree gum will be removed quickly and easy. This cleaner will even refresh the colour and has an antistatic effect.

BÜFA-Clean Star-Wash

A neutral car shampoo that creates a brilliant appearance for the cleaning of buses, rail vehicles and trucks. The soiling will be removed quickly and effective. The result is a glossy paint surface and streak free windscreens.