Fahrzeug Außenreinigung

Vehicle exterior cleaning

Our product program comprises a broad range of vehicle cleaning products for rail vehicles, road vehicles, vehicle washing plants, workshops, and other commercial vehicles.


Aussenreiniger KH 205
Acidic concentrated cleaner for all kind of utility vehicles; quick reacting product that removes mineral deposits. Beside of the cleaning of vehicles the product can also be used for the cleaning of washing halls, tiles etc. Another field of application is the removal of lime scale.
BÜFA-Clean Citro
Mild acidic, concentrated cleanser for the exterior cleaing of utility and rail vehicles; quick and effective, yet very gentle; application as a mild descaler to remove water marks and lime scale is also possible.
BÜFA-Clean Power S
Very strong acidic concentrated pre-spray, chassis and wheel rim cleaner to efficiently pre-cleaning all kind of vehicles; even the most obstinate mineral soiling such as lime scale, rust, break abrasion or cement residues will be removed quick and thoroughly.


BÜFA-Clean Brillant
Alkaline intensive cleanser with high gloss effect; removes even stubborn soiling yet gentle; further application areas are general cleaning in garages and washing halls as well as a pre-cleaner vehicles washer.
BÜFA-Clean Eco
Alkaline concentrated cleanser for vehicles, garage floors and pits; suitable as all-purpose cleaner; removes very efficient yet gentle all kind of stubborn soiling such as street soiling, fat, oil, hydraulic fluid etc.
BÜFA-Clean Perfect
Mild alkaline multi-purpose, concentrated cleanser for exterior and interior cleaning of busses, utility and rail vehicles; especially suited for aluminium wheel rims and in general aluminium surfaces. During regular cleaning it conserve the gloss of the paint and the brilliance of other surfaces.
Truck-Clean HLS
Powerful, alkaline intensive vehicle cleaner; removes fat, oil and atmospheric soiling; outstanding results as a pre-cleaner in washing halls; stubborn pigment soiling is dissolved in shortest time and can be removed quickly and thoroughly.


BÜFA-Clean Star-Wash
Very mild, liquid car wash shampoo with self-drying effect to clean busses, rail vehicles and trucks; the soil will be dissolved quick and effective: creates glossy paint surfaces and streak-free glass panes; also suitable for manual cleaning.


BÜFA-Clean Glass Conc.
High efficient concentrated glass cleaner; universally applicable; for streak-free and gentle cleaning of all glass and plastic surfaces; can be used undiluted or diluted for a gentle cleaning; also suitable as an additive for windscreen washer systems.
BÜFA-Clean Insect Remover
Mild alkaline insect remover; removes residues of insects from glass, paint, plastic and metal surfaces; excellent soil removing power even after short reaction time; also honeydew and bird droppings are removed quickly and easily; even applicable as pre-spray cleaner in washer systems.