Fahrzeug Innenraum

Vehicle interior cleaning

One of our products for cleaning vehicle interiors is QUICK FRESH. This universal surface cleaning agent ensures very fast drying of cleaned surfaces, has an attractive fragrance and does away with the need for rinsing.


BÜFA-Clean Glass Conc.
High efficient concentrated glass cleaner; universally applicable; for streak-free and gentle cleaning of all glass and plastic surfaces; can be used undiluted or diluted for a gentle cleaning; also suitable as an additive for windscreen washer systems.
Innenreiniger MV
Alkaline concentrated intensive cleanser; especially developed for the interior cleaning of large-capacity vehicles; reliable also at heavy soiling; universally applicable; quick and powerful effect; also suitable for manual application.
Quick Fresh
Universal surface cleaner with active alcohol; this mild and material safe cleaner creates a pleasant scent; very effective and economical; short drying times and streak-free. In the case of good dye fastness of upholstery and chair cover, a spray-extraction cleaning is possible.
Selekta WT 1000
Neutral concentrated cleanser; suitable for the care and cleaning of all water-resistant surfaces; skin friendly; quick and powerful effect yet gentle; suitable for all common high pressure washer; also suitable for carpet and upholstery spray-extraction washer.