BÜFACare 4.0

BÜFA Care 4.0

Now Wet-Cleaning gets really simple.

Cleaning, drying and finishing in just one hours: We show how to do it! Even most sensitive fabrics can be easily treated in water with the help of BÜFA Care 4.0 plus much quicker drying and less finish efforts compared to classic wet-cleaning processes.

BÜFA Care 4.0 Kanister

The complete process and operating schedule will be considerably simplified with BÜFA Care 4.0 and reduces the overall process time to just 60 minutes. A pre-sorting in regards of fabrics, material composition or weight of the textile is not necessary any more. The apparel is just sorting in regards of its colour into light coloured and dark coloured items. 

BÜFA Care 4.0 is the new kind of Wet Cleaning – nearly without any negative side effects. We improved not only the cleaning performance but also the protection against shrinkage, felting, colour loss and wrinkle formation. Damages of the textile fibres, of the forming and of the colours are virtually eliminated.

BÜFA Care 4.0 is a combination of an optimal cleaning and drying process with special designed products. Therefore nearly all kind of materials can be cleaned in one load: whether a jacket with a high wool portion or a business suit, a woollen blanket or other home textiles.

The secret of the new Wet Cleaning concept is based on four key products: Ozerna Polar as a powerful liquid colour detergent, Lizerna Carat as a new developed refiner, Lizerna Citro as a neutraliser and Lizerna Conditioner as a high-performing finishing agent. Those additives are finally the reason also for a commercial advantage: 30% less product consumption and minimization of the process time. Even challenging or delicate textiles are cleaned, gentle dried and finished with less effort within one hour.

With BÜFA Care 4.0 you can offer comprehensive solutions for all kinds of textiles

Whether outerwear, such as for example suits with a high wool component or challenging cashmere articles, high-quality delicate clothes and linen from care or nursing homes, table and kitchen linen as well as staff uniforms from hotels, duvets etc. - BÜFA Care 4.0 lets you care for everything.

Especially adapted and coordinated washing and drying programs and 6 + 2 optional BÜFA products ensure maximum effectiveness, hygiene and efficiency.