Imprägnier- & Finishprodukte Textilreinigung

Impregnating & finishing agents

A diverse product range is at your disposal: 

  • finishes  
  • softeners
  • flame retarding agents
  • impregnations 

 Optimum protection against moisture, oil and dirt is provided by the LOTUS impregnation and fibre protection finish.


BÜFA Appretur-Spray
Synthetic resin based finishing agent for spraying.
ModulDOS Produkt 3
BÜFA ModulDOS finishing agent for use in perc and hydrocarbon solvents.

Flame retarding agents

Flammschutz CR
Flame retardant finish for the application in perc.


BÜFA Imprägnierspray
Fluorocarbon resin spray.
Secarbon Lotus
Gewebeschutzausrüstung und Imprägniermittel für den Einsatz in KWL.
Secasit Lotus
Impregnating agent and fabric protection for the application in perc.


Secasene Lotus
Protective fabric finish and impregnation agent for use in SENSENE®.

Special application

ModulDOS Produkt 4
BÜFA ModulDOS antistatic agent and softener for use in perc and hydrocarbon solvents.