Spezialprodukte Textilreinigung

Special products

We offer you a wide range of special products inter alia for the solvent care or for hygiene cleaning processes, but also bleaching and stripping agents, odour absorbers and fragrances.

Bleaching agents & stripping agents

Blankit AR
Bleaching/stripping agent with optical brightener for textiles/furs/buttons.
Redulin BUR
Bleaching/stripping agent for textiles; Stripping agent for dyed buttons.

Carpet finish

Lavenium Finish SI
High-performance carpet gloss and soft handle finish.

Cleaning activators

ModulDOS Produkt 2
Activator for use in perc and hydrocarbon solvents; aqueous.

Cleaning agents

Lavenium FP
Liquid carpet and upholstery shampoo concentrate.
Lavenium TP
Cleaning agent for use in spray-extraction.

Defoaming agents

Defoam 2000
Defoaming agent on fluorosilicone basis for the distilling of perc and hydrocarbon solvents.
Defoaming agent on a silicone basis.

Hygiene - Fragances - Odour removers

Duftstoff Tropical
Perfume for all solvents used in dry cleaning.
Hypur Konz.
Concentrated eliminator of unpleasant odours and active ingredient additive for hygienic cleaning processes.
ModulDOS Produkt 6
BÜFA ModulDOS odour absorber for use in perc and hydrocarbon solvents.


Lavenium TW
Special washing agent for carpet washing.
Sodium percarbonate
Oxygen bleach powder.

Optical brightener

Optical brightener for the application in water, perc and HC solvents.

Solvent & machine maintenance

Neutracid Flüssig
Acid-binding special product for maintenance of perc.
Neutracid HC
Stabiliser for HC solvent machines
Neutracid TAN
Special auxiliary for the pH-buffering when cleaning hides in perc.
Special product for the cleaning of drycleaning machines.
Solvent Clean HC
Filter powder for hydrocarbon solvent machines.
Tonsil 414 FF
Filter powder for HC solvent machines.


Iso-paraffinic solvent for all hydrocarbon solvent textile cleaning systems.
Dowper Pure Power
Perchloroethylene solvent for all perc drycleaning system.
Silcosolv D5
Solvent for all silicon-based textile dry-cleaning machines.