Wet cleaning

Benefit from many years of experience we have gained in the development of wet cleaning products. Our products and processes are perfectly coordinated with each other and provide optimal results.

Brushing agents

Oldopal Quick
Pre-brushing agent and grease solving agent for the wet treatment.

BÜFA Care 4.0

Lizerna Carat
Refiner for BÜFA Care 4.0
Lizerna Conditioner
High-performance finishing agent for BÜFA Care 4.0.

Fibre protection

Oldopal Prefinish
Fibre protection and antistatic agent for the wet cleaning of textiles and leather.
Oldopal Shirt Finish
Highly active special finish for washed blouses and shirts.

Flame retarding agents

Flame Ex Aerotex
Flame retardant finish for textiles made of cellulose fibres (except jute fibres), wool, polyacrylonitrile, polyester and union fabrics.


Terasit AP
Wet impregnation based on hydrocarbon polymers.
Terasit Lotus
Wet impregnating agent on fluorocarbon resin basis.

Leveling agents

Aqueous leveling agent.


Oldopal MWB
Highly concentrated neutral liquid washing agent.
Oldopal Basic
Wash detergent for the wet cleaning of textiles and leather.

Odour absorbers

Hypur Spezial
Odour absorber with intense deodorizing effect.

Preliminary soaps

Pre-cleaning booster for the application in perc, hydrocarbon solvents and water.