Imprägnier- & Finishprodukte Textilreinigung

Finishing products

Whether fabric softener with long-lasting fragrance, fibre protection at the highest level or fabric protection for the regeneration of textiles for operating, a highly concentrated fabric refresher which works excellently on contaminated clothes from old people’s homes, gastronomy clothes and work wear, our product range leaves nothing to be desired.

BÜFA Care 4.0

Lizerna Carat
Refiner for BÜFA Care 4.0
Lizerna Conditioner
High-performance finishing agent for BÜFA Care 4.0.

Flame retarding agents

Flame Ex Aerotex
Flame retardant finish for textiles made of cellulose fibres (except jute fibres), wool, polyacrylonitrile, polyester and union fabrics.


Terasit Lotus
Wet impregnating agent on fluorocarbon resin basis.


Lizerna Aura
Laundry softener with microcapsules filled with fragrance.
Lizerna Finish
Concentrated hygiene softener and neutralizing agent.
Lizerna Fresh
Highly concentrated fabric refresher for laundry / wet cleaning.
Lizerna Silicone
High-quality soft touch finish for laundry and wet cleaning.
Lizerna Soft
Concentrated fabric softener.


Lizerna Starch
Efficient natural starch.
Lizerna WS
Liquid natural starch.