Waschverstärker - Problemlöser

Washing boosters – Trouble shooters

We supply you with a broad range of washing booters and trouble shooters. Especially worth mentioning is inter alia Lizerna Intensive: a highly concentrated grease solvent which is already fully effective at low temperatures from 30 °C on for extremely soiled kitchen laundry.

Alkali booster

Lizerna Alka
Higly alkaline, liquid washing booster.

Brushing agents

Oldopal Quick
Pre-brushing agent and grease solving agent for the wet treatment.

Complexing agent

Lizerna Complex
This product is not available outside of germany.

Fat removers

Lizerna Conc
Neutral fat solving concentrate
Lizerna Intensive
Low-temperature grease solvent, emulsifier and detergent booster.
Lizerna MT
Concentrated wetting agent and washing booster - foam-regulated.
Lizerna Omega
Emulsifier for native oils.

Fat removers for oil and print clothes

Lizerna CC
Wetting concentrate and washing booster.

In case of starch and albumen stains

Oldozym AP
Liquid enzyme concentrate.

Liquid oxygen bleaching

Lizerna Synergy
Washing booster with bleaching properties.

Neutralizing agents

Lizerna Citro
Neutralizer on the basis of citric acid.

Odour absorbers

Hypur Spezial
Odour absorber with intense deodorizing effect.

Optical brightener

Optical brightener for the application in water, perc and HC solvents.

Preliminary soaps

Pre-cleaning booster for the application in perc, hydrocarbon solvents and water.

Residues in washing lines

Lizerna Clear
This product is not available outside of germany.

Special spotters

Solvent-containing dry spotting agent.
Post-spotting agent for stains originating from varnish, colour, fat and wax.