SENSENE™ – an Outstanding Cleaning Solution

This new solvent based on an originally biodegradable modified alcohol. Furthermore, this innovative dry-cleaning fluid is able to remove fat as well as water bounded stains. Therefore, many stains can be easily removed in SENSENE™ in conjunction with the BÜFA textile care series SECASENE®. All this can be achieved without a labor and cost intense pre- or post-spotting as it is quite usual in all other common dry-cleaning fluids.

BÜFA Cleaning accompanied the development of SENSENE™ for several years. This enabled the introduction of a perfectly balanced textile care series SECASENE®

The results

Fat and water based stains will be easily removed – even without any pre-treatment. The treated garments retain their colour brilliance and smell just clean. The touch of the fabric is soft. Although SENSENE has enormous cleaning power, it is nevertheless gentle to the fabric and creates nearly no wrinkle formation. Hence, the finishing effort is minimize. Such an outstanding cleaning result was until now only known with perchloroethylene.

Secasene Clean 20l


This ideal pre-brushing agent is exceptional efficient and easy to rinse out.



This high concentrated soap stands out for its excellent cleaning result.



Modern fabric protection with outstanding water, oil and soil repellent properties.