Washing process

Perfect washing methods for first-class results

When you want to perfect washing processes, it is not just the right products, but rather the overall concept that is crucial. 

We offer a wide range of innovative washing methods – coordinated with the whole spectrum of laundry types, soiling, temperature, machine technology and other important parameters – to ensure perfect washing results and at the same time to minimise the use of resources.

Washing methods for personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is not just work clothing, but also has a life-preserving and health-maintaining function for the wearers.

Only well-maintained protective clothing retains its functionality and protects its wearers against danger. PPE that is not properly cared for can become a safety hazard because it provides a false sense of safety. The washing method for care of PPE must always be geared to the weakest material. This certainly includes the reflective strips, as these still have to satisfy certain reflection levels even after being washed many times.

We offer the ideal solution for preserving the value of personal protective equipment. We supply perfectly coordinated products and washing processes for you. 

Ozerna Diamond
Ozerna Diamond – a top-flight washing method

The main role here is played by the highly concentrated, liquid pure detergent Ozerna Diamond. Monitoring of washing cycles confirms that that the intensive cleanness and the brilliant degree of whiteness satisfy the highest quality requirements, while at the same time the treatment is gentle to fabrics. It is the highly effective surfactant combinations and the newest brightening systems that are responsible for this. Even in the case of poor water qualities, the method is characterised by high soil detachment and very good grease-removal power.

The icing on the cake of the newly developed washing method, however, is the cost efficiency aspect. This is where the Ozerna-Diamond method scores with the lowest application quantities. Even when used as a disinfecting washing method in combination with the disinfectant Lizerna Sept*, the extremely economical amounts used by comparison with conventional product combinations are convincing. Independent expert opinions confirm the reliable effect. The process is registered at German Robert-Koch-Institute as a laundry disinfectant.

Ozerna Tiger
Ozerna Tiger – packed with power

The counterpart of the Ozerna Diamond method is the Ozerna Tiger method. The main component here is the highly concentrated powder product Ozerna Tiger. Powerful, efficient, extremely gentle to fabrics – these are the key attributes of this method.

It convinces with outstanding washing results even at very low application rates. In conjunction with the disinfectant Sept PES Konz.*, the method is entered in the VAH Disinfectant List as a chemothermal laundry disinfectant and is registered at German Robert-Koch-Institute.

Ozerna Polar
Ozerna Polar – Low temperature coloured detergent with extraordinary scent

The innovative and high efficient low temp coloured detergent was developed especially for the professional care of washable outer wear and for work wear such as personal protective equipment. 

The cleaning efficiency and stain removal power at a low washing temperature of only 40°C (104°F) is outstanding. Nevertheless the process is very gentle to colours and fabric; hence it will prolong the lifetime of the textiles. Ozerna Polar creates a clean and fresh result. It will refresh the colours and will stand out with its lovely fragrance. 

Besides this excellent washing properties Ozerna Polar even fulfil, in combination with Lizerna SEPT, the very stringent regulations of RAL-GZ 992/4 (Textiles from care home residents). The process is applied for registration at the German Robert-Koch-Institute as a disinfecting washing process according to §18IfSG (German Infection Protection Act) for the scope A (i.e. against bacteria) and B (i.e. against viruses).

Oldopal Sept
Oldopal Sept – for high-grade, delicate garments and laundry

This liquid mild detergent is particularly gentle to fabrics and is characterised by cleanness, fragrant freshness and brilliant colours. High-performance surfactants, colour-protecting polymers and wool protection additives ensure high effectiveness of soil detachment coupled with optimal fibre preservation. The necessary hygiene is achieved by adding Sept PES Konz.*

The product Oldopal Sept unites our many years of experience in wet cleaning with the demands of hygienically sound laundry, for instance from nursing homes. With the new quality symbol RAL-GZ 992/4 and the amendments to the Infection Protection Law, hygiene safety of these textiles has become a focus of attention. The Oldopal Sept method has been examined in accordance with the guidelines of the VAH and entered in the list of disinfecting washing methods at 40 °C. Its effectiveness against viruses has been documented in a separate expert opinion.

* Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product Information before use.