Gefahrgut & Gefahrstoff

Dangerous goods & hazardous substances

We pay special attention to the correct handling of hazardous substances and to the loading of hazardous goods, even having one of our company principles "Protection of man and the environment" in mind. This applies to the processing of raw materials as well as to the loading of the cleaning products produced by us. The daily outgoing consignments to customers in Germany, Europe and overseas want to be shipped correctly taking account of the national and international guidelines. If you have any questions on this subject, our safety adviser for the transport of dangerous goods, Mr. Steffen Meuser, is the appropriate person. 

GIZ-Nord Poisons Centre

Daily, we load big quantities of cleaning products for our customers all over the world. During our business hours, in emergency cases you can get information about our products directly from us. In order to get such hints even outside these business hours, security-related information have been deposited with the GIZ-Nord Poisons Centre in Göttingen. Please find hereafter their contact details:


Giftinformationszentrum-Nord der Länder Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen und Schleswig-Holstein

Zentrum Pharmakologie und Toxikologie der Universität Göttingen

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