Dosiertechnik Lebensmittelverarbeitung

Dosing technology – Food processing

Individual dosing equipment and application technology for highest possible cost effectiveness

We provide our clients with tailor-made equipment for our liquid products. Our systems are characterized by high accuracy in combination with user-friendly and low-maintenance properties. For process and quality control we provide an operating data logging system to report consumption rates of water, cleaning and disinfecting products. So take advantage of our manifold solutions for dosing and application equipment – always in regards of environmental protection and sustainability.

BÜFA Schaumhexe
  • Dosing pumps, controlled by time, conductivity and quantity
  • Dosing and control system with memory unit to record operating data
  • Diluting systems
  • Foaming systems
  • Application aids

Container with 100 l, mobile, with lance and accessories


Dosing computer for CIP-equipment. This dosing, measuring and controlling system provides you with needed transparency and safety; it is efficient and user-friendly.