Dosing technology – Laundries & Dry cleaners

BÜFA DOS – Efficient dosing systems for the highest demands

The particularly efficient dosing systems convince by high cost efficiency, process reliability, complex machine data collection with visualization and a robust design. From a small system for single machines, over systems of up to 16 washer extractors up to washing lines of any size - we make everything possible. The dosing systems are developed and produced in the company's own plant in Oldenburg.  

Further benefits:

  • maximum operational reliability
  • extremely precise measuring and dosing
  • distinct savings in energy and operating costs
  • extremely low maintenance – no operating interruptions
Hydrosystems Dosiertechnik

Modular dosing technology for single machines

With the BÜFA-DOS EvoClean-4er and 8er system four or eight washing detergents and washing aids supply a single washing machine. These compact, space-saving systems dose via Venturi nozzles (injector principle). This simplifies operation enormously, as this technology is practically maintenance-free compared to conventional hose squeeze and diaphragm pumps. The dosing takes place in a short time with high accuracy. This significantly optimizes the detergent consumption.

BÜFA-DOS central dosing systems

8 DOS 4 Jet

BÜFA 8 DOS 4 Jet

This compact dosing system is able to support 4 washer extractor machines with 8 eight washing detergents and washing aids. The unique system works with Venturi nozzles, hence without any pumps. Such nozzle guarantees high operation reliability and saves cost in maintenance. On request with integrated production data acquisition.

10 DOS 8

BÜFA 10 DOS 4 or 8

These systems can supply four or eight  washer extractor machines with ten different eight washing detergents or washing aids.

For this it uses just one single high-performance pump, thus involving distinctly fewer other components, which makes the system extremely low-maintenance and space-saving  The dosing systems are supplied with integrated operating data acquisition for the complete control of the applied products, the washing programs and the costs.

10 DOS 8 a


This dosing system was designed specifically for tunnel washers. In these machines it can dose up to 20 products at five stations. There are four high-performance pumps in operation. The respective required doses can be measured optionally on the basis of time or volume. The dosing system is supplied with integratedoperating data acquisition for the complete control of the applied products, the washing programs and the costs.


Remote maintenance, remote control and operating data acquisition are carried out via WLAN or via the built-in network connection. Apps for smartphone and tablet provide round-the-clock access to the system. This makes it possible to monitor and evaluate economic key figures in real time and to visualize and document processes at any time.

BÜFA maintenance packages - For each of our systems we offer individual maintenance packages to safeguard the washing process.