BÜFA®-Resin VE RTM 6520 Class A

More efficient and ecological to Class A RTM-light-GRP-parts


Fast and cost effective processing

with superior colour stability and gloss retention


The new BÜFA®-Conductive-Tooling-System

Conductive tool surface with 10^6 Ω resistance combined with the familiar properties of a tooling-gelcoat.

BÜFA®-Conductive Line

BÜFA expands the portfolio with conductive products

BÜFA®-Fire Retardant Systems & BÜFA®-Foaming Resin Systems

Saves weight and increases fire resistence on a railway level

BÜFA®-Ambition Gelcoat

Highest surface quality that looks like lacquer!


BÜFA Composite Systems is a systems supplier offering innovative, tailor-made composite products, excellent technical service, complete solutions and equipment as well as application expertise.

Processors of reactive resins need competent and innovative suppliers for the production of components made of reinforced plastics but also for unreinforced applications.

The extensive range of technologies that are available from BÜFA Composite Systems means an advance in knowledge for manufacturers in the automotive, rail vehicles, wind energy, building and construction, sanitary, tanks and pipes, marine and leisure industries.