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BÜFA Composite Systems – New chemistry

BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Rastede, Germany (since 1996), is a company in the Oldenburg BÜFA Group and was founded in 1964 under the name BÜFA Reaktionsharze. In 2009, the company was renamed to BÜFA Gelcoat Plus and in May 2013 the company was renamed to BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG.

Fibre reinforced composite materials have changed the world because of their outstanding technical properties and practically limitless possibilities for creating different shapes. Opposite traditional materials such as Aluminium or steel, projects can now be realised using fibre reinforced, light-weight construction that would not have been possible even just a few years ago.

From the railway industry to wind energy, aviation to boat construction and the sanitary market, BÜFA products are meanwhile being used in practically all branches to make new projects and visions a reality.

With BÜFA, you have one of the leading European manufacturers of reactive resin specialties at your side. 

Complete solutions, service, products and know-how.

As the only system supplier with its own machine technology, we continuously develop new, sophisticated materials as well as the machine and application technology to go with them.

Tailor-made, fast and flexible.

We optimise our products to minimise harm to humans and the environment. When developing new products, we endeavour to stay below legal limits, acting in a sustainable manner in line with our company philosophy. 

Our current delivery programme provides Information on our extensive product portfolio. With our outstanding, Europe-wide technical service network, we have positioned ourselves as a service Provider and problem solver in the composite industry. Hand in hand with our business partners, we create the future in the composite materials industry.

Innovative and close to customers! We develop and produce complete solutions for composite materials on 75,000 m² of floor space and send them all over the world.

High, certified standards and regular investments in occupational safety, environmental protection and technology also make sure that our commitment to sustainability in the form of delivery reliability and future-viable products is to your benefit.

At a Glance

Year founded: 1964 (under the Name of BÜFA Reaktionsharze)

Number of employees: 194

Product lines:

  • UP- and VE-Resins, Epoxy Systems
  • Gelcoats, Topcoats & Pigment Pastes
  • Bonding Pastes, Fillers and High Performance Adhesives
  • Initiators
  • Release Agents, Additives and Ancillaries
  • Reinforcements and Core Materials
  • Fire Retardant Systems
  • Mould Making Systems
  • Machine Technology, Tools and Ancillaries

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