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BÜFA®-Bonding Paste for high-performance bonding in the composite industry.

Astondoa 110 Century

Astondoa 110 Century

To honour the 100-year history of the company, Astilleros Astondoa S.A. (Spain) has launched a new line of large, luxury yachts: Astondoa Century.    
The first model in this new line is the Astondoa Century 110, a 110 foot yacht with a flying bridge, an overall length of 33.5 metres and a width of 7.03 metres.

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Astondoa has been using BÜFA materials for more than 10 years now and is convinced by the quality of our products and the professional advice provided by our employees on-site.  BÜFA gelcoats and BÜFA bonding pastes have proved themselves for many years. To produce the new Century 110, BÜFA Tooling Gelcoat, Neogel Gelcoat, BÜFA Bonding Paste 0051 and 0110 as well as BÜFA Paraffin Solution are now also used.

Astondoa’s main office, which is located in the best part of Santa Pola with a view of the Mediterranean, is just 10 minutes from the airport in Alicante. Yachts up to 122 metres in length are produced here over an area of more than 30,000 m².

Astondoa’s passion for designing and producing yachts began in the year 1916. Now in the third generation, Astondoa serves the leisure boating sector as the largest shipyard for boats and yachts in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. 100 years of experience serve as a basis and guarantee the group’s strength today in technology, design and innovation. More than 3,000 ships have been built so far and production figures now range around 100 units per year. Astondoa offers one of the most extensive portfolios which includes a number of models as well as functions to meet any demand. Attractive designs equipped with modern technology are the essence of Astondoa’s philosophy, defined by the sleekness of the lines, styling, decoration and optimal utilisation of space inside and outside.
Engineers and designers combine different materials and textures to create an attractive and sporty look and the resulting elegance, comfort and intelligent functions are exciting. These are ships that awaken a thirst for adventure without having to sacrifice luxury and sophistication. This is the unmistakable mark of Astondoa sport boats.
All in all, the Astondoa group has four large production centres that are strategically placed all over Spain and owns facilities covering a total area of 70,000 m². Great value is placed on the prevention of emissions and environmental contaminates during production.
Locations: Gallarta (Vizcaya), La Unión (Murcia), Vigo (Galicia) und Almansa (Albacete) with distribution partners all over the world For further information, visit the company’s website at:


This branch of industry is an important field for glass fibre reinforced plastics. Individual elements, entire decks as well as complete ship hulls for sailing/motor yachts and power boats are made of high quality fibre reinforced plastics elements. Because they must withstand permanent sunshine, salt water and repeated surface treatment by their owners, the quality of the gelcoats used must meet the highest quality standards.

Characteristics such as colour accuracy, resistance to osmosis and surface gloss are the most important material attributes. Along with gelcoat and topcoat qualities on an ISO/NPG and ISO base, BÜFA Composite Systems also has a wide range of high quality bonding pastes in their programme. These include high quality VE bonding pastes (e.g. for bonding hulls and decks), bonding pastes for sandwich constructions (e.g. for bonding foams, balsa wood), bonding pastes for universal use (for bonding wood, metal, fibre reinforced plastics) as well as very special solutions e.g. "liquid glass mats", to prevent air from being entrapped behind the gelcoat.

Here you can see the application possibilities of the BÜFA complete program for processors of composite materials.

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