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The new Conductive BÜFA Tooling System – a true asset! 

Case Study Eikboom

The Rostock-based company EIKBOOM GmbH is a medium-sized and family-run company that specialises in supporting its customers in every phase of the product life cycle – from development to the serial production of components made of glass fibre-reinforced plastics, such as those used in wind turbines and for the construction of cooling towers, but also during the implementation of aesthetic architectural solutions or for technical tasks with special designs and surface structures.

EIKBOOM has been producing GRP components for wind energy generation, such as wind turbine housings, for over 60 years (including the prototype construction of housings for Germany's first near-shore power plant in 2005 – which was the largest offshore wind power plant in the world at the time). The manufacturer also supplies components for the construction of vehicles, boats and ships, as well as for the food, sports and leisure industries, for power plant construction and numerous other industries. 

EIKBOOM offers suitable machine and processing technology for its customers' requirements, both in open and closed procedures.

The company’s value-added chain comprises engineering, tool design and construction, component production, logistics and transport concepts as well as quality management in accordance with the requirements and specifications of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. EIKBOOM even has its own research and development department.

Since March 2018, EIKBOOM also has a new CNC-controlled machining centre and thus offers its customers high-precision machining of small and medium-sized components with specific tolerances.

In the field of vehicle construction, EIKBOOM specialises in the manufacture and supply of body components and internal GRP elements. The advantage of fibre-reinforced plastic lies in its lightweight and its ability to be moulded.

“The new BÜFA®-Conductive Tooling Gelcoat and the BÜFA mould construction resins can be processed without any difficulty. On the one hand, the safety aspect is important to us, as the conductive system prevents sparks during demoulding. On the other hand, the system produces a premium-quality surface result. It is a true asset,” says Meyk Rohde, Operations Manager at EIKBOOM GmbH.

EIKBOOM processes the new BÜFA tooling system, consisting of the conductive BÜFA® Conductive Tooling Gelcoat, the first layer resin BÜFA®-resin VE 0910 and the low-profile tooling resin BÜFA®-resin VE 7100

The material is processed with the BÜFA Tec gelcoat spraying unit ES 1 Easy Lift

The new BÜFA tooling system is a revolutionary mould construction system based on the latest findings in polymer chemistry. 

It stands for even better tools in an even shorter time. In an extremely economical process. 

The new BÜFA tooling system keeps you always on the right track when it comes to efficiency. It helps you save time, benefit from lower material consumption and even protect the environment. Furthermore, it ensures that you are right in the forefront in terms of product quality. 

The system produces top-notch mechanical properties and glossy surfaces. It also improves occupational safety thanks to the tool’s conductive capability. 

At a glance

  • Increased process safety
  • Prevention of electrostatic build-up and discharge
  • Minimised dust adhesion
  • Significantly reduced cycle times
  • Higher-quality component surfaces with a marked reduction in waviness
  • Considerable increase in economic efficiency

BÜFA® Conductive Tooling Gelcoat offers the usual properties associated with a tooling gelcoat 

  • Electrical conductivity (TÜV certified) + increased safety (use in EX zones 2, 1 and 0)
  • Improved component quality
  • Faster cycle times due to shorter cleaning steps
  • Increased tool life
  • New possibilities for innovative processing methods 
  • Ideal processing properties
  • Superior gloss and optimised surface stability
  • Reduced mould maintenance effort
  • It meets the required safety standards.

Fibre reinforced plastics have properties that make them especially interesting for the automotive industry. BÜFA Composite Systems offers high quality specialties for manufacturers of utility vehicles (e.g. machine covers for construction vehicles as well as for vehicles used in agriculture), leisure vehicles (e.g. wind deflectors, roof and side elements for motor homes, busses and lorries), automobile parts (e.g. motor hoods, door elements, trunk lids). A line of products was developed especially to meet requirements on aerodynamics, mould geometry, resistance to weather and the state of the surface (Class A).

Here you can see the application possibilities of the BÜFA complete program for processors of composite materials.

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