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BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoat S 285 - Highest fire protection for rail vehicles!

Before the European standard EN 45545 for protection of fire and smoke for rail transport was finally mandatory to be applied, Recubimientos y Fibras, S.L. performed a product search to replace phenolic resins used by the manufacture of fiberglass parts due to the high toxicity in their application.

“We were clear that our commitment should be to use systems with resin and gelcoat that, in addition to eliminating toxicity, met the new regulations” said REFISA.

“After having tested several and different options at the market without complete success, we finally find out the BÜFA®-Firestop gelcoat serie S 270 with intumescent technology, which allow us to combine it with different resins and for hand lamination and infusion process.

Refisa Birmingham

Today we are using the last generation of intumescent filled gelcoat, the BÜFA®-Firestop S 285-SV which is a pre-accelerated fire retardant gelcoat designed for applications requiring the highest levels of fire and smoke performance.

This is a halogen-free, intumescent flame retardant gelcoat based on an unsaturated polyester resin formulated for spray application which has allowed us to unify the flame retardant gelcoats at our company both for manual manufacturing and by infusion and RTM light.

BÜFA®-Firestop gelcoat S 285 SV is a very versatile gelcoat, easy to spray without risk of sagging, catalyzes even at low temperatures and the contractions are negligible. 

Using this gelcoat in combination with different BÜFA®-Firestop resins we are manufacturing diverse parts as roofs, gutters and fronts for subway and tram all across Europe and also under frame for high-speed trains, in which the requirements of both fire and smoke and its behavior to stress tests are highly restrictive.”

Recubimientos y Fibras, S.L. (REFISA) is located in Lleida, 150 km from Barcelona, from where we serve the main national and international rail vehicle manufacturers. 

REFISA has a baggage of more than 30 years manufacturing polyester parts, half-specializing in the rail vehicle sector, in which we are today a reference company. We currently manufacture for the leading national and European train builders. As reference, we have manufactured more than 2,500 complete fronts for metro and trams, with an annual current production rate of 150-200 units.

REFISA has 4 up-to-date production centers covering an area of 14,000m², 3 of them in Lleida and surroundings and also an own production plant in Serbia, from where we attend our customers in Central Europe.

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BÜFA®-Firestop Gelcoats

Your Advantages 

  • Ready to use
  • Increased flexibility (low brittleness)
  • Low shrinkage
  • Reduced emissions 
  • Sufficient fire protection as of 600 μm thick laye
  • EN 45545 (R1, R7, R17) HL 2 / HL 3 – with and without laquer
Railway mit Stempel

Hand lay up

BÜFA®-Firestop GC S 285 + BÜFA®-Firestop 8175-W-1


BÜFA®-Firestop GC S 285 + BÜFA®-Firestop S 425

Light RTM

BÜFA®-Firestop GC S 285 + BÜFA®-Firestop S 900 Foaming Resin Polyester Foaming Resin System according to EN 45545, HL 2

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