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BÜFA®-Foaming Resin Systems - Solutions for lightweight construction.

Sophisticated functionality, high quality materials and low-maintenance, fuel-saving, light-weight design, coupled with cleanly flowing lines are the hallmarks of the coach and bus programme offered by VDL Bus & Coach. 

The coaches offer optimum comfort in every situation: from day trips to long-distance travel in the premium class. Functionality and economy stand for profit of ownership. 

Our customer VDL Bus & Coach develops, produces and delivers city busses and coaches for the international public passenger transport  market. With an eye on the future and their aim to achieve sustainable mobility, VDL Bus & Coach continually endeavours to improve their products and production processes. The goal is to achieve mobility for everyone. The main focus, not only in the company but regarding their products, is the human being. 

VDL Bus & Coach’s bus and coach programme is geared to the latest wishes and requirements of customers, drivers and passengers. The public passenger buses [ÖPNV buses] made by VDL Bus & Coach provide comfort and safety, are environment-friendly and highly economical. The low dead weight of the ÖPNV buses made by VDL Bus & Coach ensures optimum performance and maximum yield for customers. A high degree of modularity not only allows them to be custom-made for each purpose but also offers the carrier numerous advantages, for example when it comes to repairing, carrying out maintenance and the supply of spare parts. 

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The clear design of ÖPNV buses made by VDL Bus & Coach not only caters to aesthetic demands, it also particularly benefits the driver and passenger. Safety and comfort have been given the highest priority. Large window areas and a modern colour scheme along with good workmanship convey a unique feeling of space.


When it comes to the selection of components and materials used, the entire line of vehicles is also consistently oriented to the future – because a long service life of the ÖPNV buses is another focal point. In the end, not only the environment but also the owner and operator profit from the overall balanced programme.

Transportation Bus

Transportation Bus

Safety in regard to fire protection and weight reduction up to 45%  for structural and light-weight components as well as efficient and fast workability of products play an increasingly important role, especially in the fields of passenger transportation but also in the construction of commercial vehicles and wind turbines as well as in many other sectors.

We offer users of composite materials BÜFA’s own foaming resin systems in different formulations for light-weight construction.  To process BÜFA®-Foaming Resin Systems, you need a BÜFA®-Foaming Resin, a BÜFA®-accelerator foaming agent and a peroxide, depending on the desired formulation. These systems are distinguished by homogenous foam formation, excellent impregnation behaviour, expansion of the foaming resin and fast de-moulding. These high quality and light-weight components stand out because of the first class quality of their surfaces. Their special economic advantages and the multitude of applications at the highest fire protection level make them unique.   Thanks to their outstanding technical properties and nearly unlimited possibilities when it comes to form and colour, fibre reinforced composite materials have changed the world.

BÜFA Composite Systems is one of Europe’s leading producers of reactive resin specialties. 

Here you can see the application possibilities of the BÜFA complete program for processors of composite materials.

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