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BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 resists the extreme climatic stress of Antarctica!

Kuppel Artkis

LLC "Composite Group" is currently one of the leading private companies in Russia in the composite materials industry. The company manufactures, among other things, fire resistant fibreglass panels for building and construction, rail and commercial vehicle industries (interior and exterior fittings for cars, locomotives and railcars for railways and subways) and for technological equipment. 

LLC "Composite Group" is constantly developing new ways of using composite products with new properties and applications. For this reason, new developments have been made in glass fibre sandwich panels, panels with built-in polymer heaters, products based on sprayed "artificial stone", chemically resistant tanks with complex shapes and products with special physical and mechanical properties. Since 2012, the company has been producing, for example, drainage systems for roads and hanging drainage channels for bridges.

Kuppel Arktis offen

In 2018, the company received the challenge to produce a fibreglass dome with orange gelcoat (BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000). This was intended to protect winter sports enthusiasts from wind and cold when refuelling snowmobiles with fuel and for intermediate storage of the fuel.

During the hibernation of the 64th "Russian Antarctic Expedition" at the station Vostok, the first scientific climatic tests of such a fiberglass dome were carried out. The dome was installed on a snow-covered surface to assess the effects of the severe Antarctic climatic conditions on the material. The dome was exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation ("ozone hole"), low temperature effects (average temperature -74 °С and minimum -82 °С) during the summer months (February-April 2019) and the abrasive effects of needle snowflakes in winds of up to 20 m/sec during the winter months. 

According to S.F. Vasyutkin, General Director of "Composite Group" LLC, feedback from Russian scientists shows that the composite material of the dome with the use of BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 has survived all the above influences without any external changes to the material, including gloss levels. The dome will continue to be operated by the staff of Vostok Station during a long-term test for low temperatures and strong UV radiation.

Mr. S.F. Vasyutkin: General Director, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Acting Chairman of the Board of the CTI Union, Member of the NCC of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.


The BÜFA product portfolio includes a number of gelcoats for the most different application areas. As Europe’s leading supplier of gelcoats, BÜFA continuously invests in the further development of its line of products.

BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 can be used for a wide spectrum of applications in which brilliant shades of colour and high UV resistance are required

Product advantages of the BÜFA®-ISO-GELCOAT 3000

  • Unique colour accuracy
  • Withstands strong weathering yet maintains gloss
  • BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 is REACH compliant

Advantages in Product Processing

  • Fast and cost effective processing
  • Eliminates additional secondary finishing
  • Hand application (BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000-H): Can be applied in one working operation!
  • Spray application (BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000-S): Good stability, no separation of pigments

Processing methods

  • Hand and Spray applications
  • Available qualities: Gelcoats as well as topcoats

Results of weathering according to EN ISO 4892.2

Here you can see the application possibilities of the BÜFA complete program for processors of composite materials.

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