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Rail Vehicle

Rail Vehicle

"Something that can burn needs special protection."

The consequences of fires can be disastrous, particularly when it comes to rail vehicles because many valuable minutes are often lost between the time a fire breaks out and the moment vehicles are evacuated. For this reason, preventive fire protection in rail vehicles is of enormous importance.

BÜFA Composite Systems is extremely competent when it comes to the many international regulations concerning "fire protection systems", the methodology and assessment of which differ in fire classification standards.

An extensive range of BÜFA®-Firestop products (gelcoats, topcoats, bonding pastes, special resins, special products) as well as extensive know how is available for material requirements such as ignitability, flame propagation, smoke-gas development or toxicity of fumes.

Products & Systems

Our partner for system solutions from the areas of liquid paints and composites for the interior and exterior of rail vehicles to meet the fire protection requirements of EN 45545-2.